Bonus Bigmouth Buffalo!

Andy caught this cool looking bigmouth buffalo while targeting redhorse with bottom-fished redworms.  This fish, along with a handful of other species, made for a great outing getting away from the distractions of today.


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Tyler W and I fished at a generous distance today for a couple of hours.  We caught some good fish, Tyler more than I, and had a great time.  I caught a small white sucker, an even smaller silver redhorse, and a respectable shorthead redhorse.  Tyler caught many large shortheads.  


Our conversation had turned to bigmouth buffalo locations and tactics, something that both of us have experimented with over the years.  As I cast out, my line went over a small overhanging branch.  I left it there, hoping a fish would bite and pull it free because I'd already lost a couple rigs to that twig.  We continued to talk about bigmouths for a good 20 minutes.  I got a bite, and hooked into what was obviously the largest fish I'd stuck today.  Luckily my line freed itself and I watched a large fish swirl in the current.  As I led the fish to shore across a shallow flat, we both saw the unmistakable big white maw and knew it was a bigmouth buffalo!


It was unbelievable, considering the circumstances.  The fish took half an angleworm fished on the bottom.  First bigmouth I have ever caught bottom fishing.  The fish was about ten pounds, and had a cool helix scale pattern toward the front of the body.  


Soon after this, Tyler W caught a 21" moster shorthead.  Hopefully he shares a photo of that fish, as it was immaculate. Here's a few shots of my other catches today - 


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That's pretty neat man!!

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We need to get out there, been chomping at the bit all winter to hit the rivers again, all this time with no work finally got all our tackle organized again LOL

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So cool!! 

Margaret Novak

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Great catches.  Really jealous of the silver redhorse.  I have only caught bigmouths on worms on the bottom a couple times and it was always early march here in Iowa City.  Before the water starts warming up.  

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Beautiful BMB!

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Great story and photos! Thank you.

"...the fish of the sea, whatever passes along the paths of the sea! O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Thy name in all the Earth!" Ps. 8:8

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I have fished down there about 25 times this year and still not caught a BMB. Andy shows up and gets one in under two hours. 

 Although, I did see a couple last night in my spotlight beam. They are in there, but the only way to get them to bite a redworm is by flipping your line over a twig (it helps with the bite detection).