Big Sturgeon for Plunger

Plunger was fishing for redhorse when a big sturgeon decided to slurp up his small crawler chunk.  After an intense fight on light tackle and 8 lb test, he was finally able to land the 54-incher and notch up a new Personal Best for the species.  Congrats!


Eli's picture

Oh man, thimply fabulouth! I'd love to bank a sturg that size!! Must have taken a long while on 8lb test.




Plunger's picture

Thanks, took about 25 minutes! I think I was more wore out than the fish

Fishin Rick

Outdoors4life's picture

Good job landing that sturg! 

It is all perspective!

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Plunger's picture

Thanks Aaron!! 

Fishin Rick

noodles83's picture

I shall never decline another invite to go fishing with The Plunger. That's an awesome catch Rick. I tip my hat to you sir.(still bummed I didnt go)

I didn't choose the Carp life, The Carp life chose me.

Carp Chaser's picture

That's a great catch Plunger. You've got the touch for those big sturgeon.

"There's always a bigger fish"