Bass, Redeye MNbowfinangler



Date Caught: 
Saturday, June 2, 2012
One of my most treasured lifelist additions. Last year, I put hours on the water in search of them and failed. Two months ago, I hooked a nice redeye and lost it at the bank when I to pull it out of the water and over dry ground before it was ready... Then today, I hooked another nice one, played it extremely carefully, had it right in front of me, and by some apparent black magic came unhooked and drifted down to the depths where it disappeared. I had been haunted by this species, and after another hour or two of effort, finally landed, tightly clutched, and photographed my first one! I ended up catching two more of similar size today, and reekfish got her lifelister redeye too, but this was our last trip targeting redeyes before we move away from Southeast so it feels especially rewarding to have this species.