2021 Spring Species Contest Champions!

Congratulations to Wrecked Angler for attaining an amazing 60 Species in June!

Also big congrats to Catfish Jr in the Kid's Division who caught 18 Species!


Well done all around, folks!  An amazing 128 different species were caught by the Field this year.



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Andy and Corey, Thanks for organizing the contest again, this year.

Catfish Jr and I had some good luck and some bad luck along the way. Getting skunked on seperate trips for Longnose Sucker, Flathead Cat/Shovelnose, and Lake Sturgeon/Muskie were big bummers. But, we had some great outings too. I think the highlight for CatfishJr was taking a quick trip to Redhorse country and picking up 3 Redhorse buttons in less than an hour, including his lifer River Redhorse.  Another highlight was taking his cousin roughfishing for the first time, where his cousin caught all of our carp! But the boys had so much fun playing by the river that there were no hard feelings. We also had a good day trip with Carp Chaser, who shared some valuable insight and good times. Catfish Jr is already planning on bringing his friend and his cousin to join us on the quest next year.

Good job to everybody who put in their time this June!

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Congrats Wrecked Angler - 60 species in a real shootout with 4 other stand outs is a great accomplishment. And Catfish Jr. for winning the kid's division. It's the beginning of a new era for the kids with some of the veterans moving on to the adult division within the next year. Catfish Jr. staking his claim as the chosen one and has ever expanding knowledge and ability. 

"There's always a bigger fish"

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Awesome run Catfish Jr.  Very impressive! You really mowed them down this month and its so great to hear the appreciation of the roughfish mentality is continuing on - you don’t have to stop at the end of June, but June sure is fun: big thanks again to Andy and Corey!

And Wrecked Angler you are unconscious  . . . finishing off with a buzzer beater eel – epic!


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Congrats to both of you!  Definitely a fun watch, impressive collection of species for each of you. 

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This is my 6th year in the contest and it has never let me down when it comes to havin a good time. I learned a lot, had some awesome adventures, saw some new places, spent a lot of time on the water (How can you go wrong??)Thanks for the opprotunity to step outside my comfort zone and challenge myself to do new things.


Big shout out to all my fellow competitors as well as mrs.wreckedangler, goldenfishberg, moose, riverrat, Corey, Andy and anyone else i may have crossed paths with along the way.


Seriously, big thanks to everyone.