2021 Spring Species Contest!

The 2021 Contest has begun!


If you have registered but not yet recieved your button, you can use the above image as a control item until you receive your button!



Hi, Just wanted to see how to check that my registration for the spring contest went through. Didn't know if there was an email or text sent out to verify. Thanks!


andy's picture

Your button is in transit!

Thegortensfisherman's picture

I tried to register for this contest and order 2 shirts and 2 buttons. Even if it's too late can I still buy the shorts and buttons to show my support?

Jim householder

Billstrunner's picture

Cant wait to get my button!

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How do I register for the contest? How do I get a button? I find no link to register or description of the contest. any help appreciated!


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You will never receive your button on time. I've been waiting 4 weeks for mine to not show up!