2020 roughfish.com 10-Week Challenge

The rules!

Each week starting June 1, a weekly challenge will be issued. All challenges MUST be completed by fishing locally (within a 20-mile drive of home). If you complete the challenge, you'll get 10 points. If the challenge is completely impossible for you, you can complete the default challenge instead (ctahc ten species of fish). Each week, anglers will vote on an "Angler of the Week" who will get one bonus point.

Whoever has the most points at the end of the contest wins.






RoughFish's picture

A few questions....

1. no lightningfisher award then this year? (Need to cancel request off work if so)

2. If you cannot complete the challenge ( for example the target species not in your area, no rivers etc within 20 miles of your home) and have to catch ten species, will they have to be ten new species each challenge? If so, how do you expect folks to get ten new species every week and not travel 20 miles?

Corey's picture

No, it can be the same ten species.

RoughFish's picture

Oh almost forgot, will you be sending out physical buttons this year then? 

andy's picture

We are still ironing out the details for this special 2020 Contest.  Yes, there will be a button available - stay tuned!

Graceclaw's picture

I'm excited to see what the weekly challenges will look like, and the 10 species put up by people gunning for that 'angler of the week' nomination! 

the pyromaniac's picture

This is gonna be cool, can't wait to see how it unfolds!  Let's get on some fish.




Let there be fire!