2020 Blue Sucker Blitz

In the past 10 days, 4 roughfish members have caught blue suckers.  Each angler has put in countless hours of research and time on the water.  It seem this fish is catchable if you time it right, put in the work and get a little luck on your side.  Congrats to Tyler Goodale, Shovelnoser47, Perc30 and Casey Shanaberger!  


Tyler W's picture

Over the years I have seen how this community has raised the bar. 10 years ago many of these fish were hard to locate and harder to catch. Now even the venerable fish of 1,000,000 casts is being caught! Congratualtions to everyone. 

Graceclaw's picture

It is certainly an exciting time to be a roughfisherman - we're slowly piecing together some of these more difficult species. I'm itching to get in front of this species and run some experiments. I wonder if it's possible to get underwater cam footage of what's going on down there during these runs?