2019 Spring Species Contest Week 3

After 21 days, Mathew Williams has extended his lead. With 56 species, he is methodically knocking off targets and putting on a real show!  A pack of competitors is also bunched up in the 40s, looking to go on a streak.  1,157 fish have been registered by the field, representing 126 species! The Kid's contest continues to be exciting to watch -  Arayne08 is at the top with 22 different fish but the top 5 kids are racing in a tight group right now.  

Link to Leaderboard - http://www.roughfish.com/front-page-leaderboard/97152

List of all species caught - http://www.roughfish.com/contest-species-caught/97152

Kid's Leaderboard - http://www.roughfish.com/contest-leader/97153