2018 Species Contest Week 4

28 days of fishing so far.  Over 1,400 fish have been entered in total, representing 123 different species.  Fishaholicsanonymous89 remains in the lead, after a flurry of incredibly cool catches late in the game.  She has caught 80 species in 28 days!  Amazingly, FishingDude14 is pushing the leader with 70 different fish of his own.  It will certainly be a memorable finish this year!  The Kid's division is a close race with the top 4 anglers only 6 species apart.

11 anglers have 30 or more species.  Remember folks, this year you will get a special badge on the site if you reach 10, 20, 30 etc. species.  So for those of you with 19 or 29 species, go get one more - you have 48 hours!  

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