2017 Spring Species Contest Week 3

We have seen an incredible number of species added in week 3.  Chubsucker, gator gar, muskellunge, burbot...the list is becoming extremely impressive!  98 total species have been caught by the field so far, two of them by the Kid's Division (nothern cisco and alligator gar).  View the Main Species List HERE


Moose439 is putting on a National Roughfishing clinic. His current tally sits at 67 species, and he is not yet done fishing.  There are 15 anglers with 30 or more species, and an incredible 7 registrants with 40 or more.  Even aside from the top 20, the incredible catches by everyone around this country and the World show how much passion and talent this Roughfish community has.  The Kids Division is beyond impressive too.  This year's contest is going to go down in History for sure.  


Link to Main Leaderboard


Link to Kid's Leaderboard