2017 Spring Species Contest Champions!

In the Main Contest, Moose 439 registered an incredible 94 different standard freshwater species and became Champion for the 3rd consecutive year.  94 species is a new record for the contest, and Moose's amazing June run will go down in history as one of the greatest Roughfishing accomplishments ever.  Second place went to FishingDude14 with a whopping 73, and 3rd place goes to roughfish29 with 53.  


In the Kid's division, FishingPals4Life also won his 3rd consecutive contest with a grand total of 32 species.  This sets a new record for the Kid's division!  Big congratulations also to Flytyin'Joel who caught 25 species, and to Iris with 24.  All of the kids did a great job, and they registered 2 species that none of the adults did - northern cisco and alligator gar.


1,876 fish were registered by the entire field representing 128 different species!  These numbers are both all-time contest records.  8 anglers achieved 40 or more species, which is very difficult to accomplish.  Everyone who entered and registered fish should be proud of their catches.  


Thanks to all of you for an exciting 2017 contest!


Dr Flathead's picture

Big congrats to you two guys.  Cant believe the numbers put up in this years contest!  Great job guys.

Jason E.'s picture

Rock on contest winners!  It must have taken a lot of planning, work, and knowledge to tally up these impressive totals.

Phil's picture

Great work guys.

Moose that was O.F.R.

FP4LifesDad's picture

WOW!  Awesome job guys!  Every year the bar gets raised higher and higher in both divisions, a big part of it is the info learned and shared on this website by a great group of people, can't wait till next year's roundup, really had a great time meeting you folks, next year however I'm going to blow up my air mattress before I get to drunk to do it and sleep on the ground again.  Sorry if I kept everyone awake, the boys said I sounded like a mortally wounded chipmunk or something and all the lights were coming on in different tents in the middle of the night. 

FishingPals4Life's picture

Thanks everyone, it was a super fun contest cuz I also got two new lifers fishing it!  What a great show from all the rest of the kids too, it was really close, great job everyone.  

The grown ups, well WOW!  what an amazing total of fish species you caught, congrats Moose on an amazing month of fishing and another win.  Congrats to everyone that went out and caught some fish too!  This was my last year in the kids division cuz I'll turn 13 before the next one!  Thanks Cory and Andy for the great contest next year I'll get my fingers dirty with the big kids! 8)