SPAM Post in General Discussion section of Forum

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SPAM Post in General Discussion section of Forum
The latest post by "MailPass777" in the General Discussion section of the Forum is spam.
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We had a recent surge of spammers, all have been removed (I think).  Thanks for the heads-up!

Also, welcome to the forum :)

Thanks, and More spam

Thanks Andy. I've been away for ten days, and now there's a lot more spam from another "user" : Isaac Rivers on four of the fora. Also in the Off-topic forum there are now hundreds of spam posts.

I don't see any buttons to report a post on this forum, so I guess this is the only way of notifying you guys. I'm a moderator on another forum (not fish related) and we generally check new user applications out on,, and before approving them. Itakes a couple minutes to check, but it really filters the spammers out.