Jabba the Pike

Saturday, October 9, 2021
44 inches long, no girth measurement

I have caught bigger but it is difficult to recall one that was girthier. It's certainly a very rotund pike. I measured the length. Just under 44.5 inches long but neglected to take a gith measurement. The fish was quite sluggish on the hook and I had it landed after a brief tussle. But it started coming alive after I got the hook out (it had deeply inhaled a one ounce Mepps Syclops) so I didn't have much inclination to mess around much before releasing it. This must be the latest 40+ inch open water season pike I have ever caught. From my experience, once it begins frosting at night, pike will still bite dead, frozen ciscoes but generally otherwise disappear right before ice up.

I wasn't expecting much from this location (a pool below a plume of rapids on a river flowing into Great Slave Lake) this late in the season but many of the largest pike longtime members have seen me with over the years are from this area, so Yk Gordo and I figured anything was possbile before heading out in his super rad, super fast jet boat to give big pike fishing a go one last time before winter set in.

The pike in the photo was the first fish to hit. It chased my spoon to shore at the base of the rapids and engulfed the lure at my feet in one big splash.Yk Gordo then caught a long but tattered looking fish he released without photographing. My next fish was another giant, skinnier but possibly within range of 48 inches. It was thrashing around so much though I threw it back into the water without getting a measurement or picture. I caught one more pike of 41 inches before we packed up and headed home.

In any event, this pike is likely my largest landed in the past five years despite only being 44 inches long.


Goldenfishberg's picture

I know it's fall because when the temps begin to cool Mike B heats up, outstanding pike dude. That thing is certainly taking cholesterol pills. Catching massive pike, riding around in a jet boat all before the snow flies and the waters harden. Yep, wouldn't be fall without some awesome stuff from ya man. Love it!

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

Mike B's picture

Haha, except we're a full month past prime time now. Been a marvelelous fall Thanks for your kind words GFB!

mike b

andy's picture

That pike is an absolute beast!  

Bet it was pretty fun flying around in that little boat too.

Mike B's picture

Andy, I can't begin to tell you how much fun it is riding around in a mini-jet (300 hp!)... and then catching kraken pike. 

mike b