2021 Roundup: May 8-9!

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2021 Roundup: May 8-9!
It's official, we are having a Root River Roundup this year at Eagle Cliff. Some of us are already talking about a float trip on Friday!
angry mongrel
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Can't wait to get back in the swing of things! Let's get this spring rolling!

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Oh ya!

Awesome news! 

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We let those fish slide last year. That means we have to go twice as hard in '21.

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Wonderful news!

Combine all the best paid holidays throughout the year with birthdays and all the solstice events plus national bbq day none of it compares to ROUNDUP! Can't wait to see all ya'll! Really really really really looking forward to it! 

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Casey Shanaberger
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now this is the news I've been lookin forward too all winter!

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Jason E.
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This is great news!  I assume

This is great news!  I assume then that Eagle Cliff confirmed that they'll be open for us?  Any rules about tent proximity or anything else COVID related?  

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Campground confirmed

Hey Jason, yes we have confirmed with Eagle Cliff our usual awesome camping area alongside the river.  They didn't mention anything about current COVID-related rules, and I don't see anything on their website.  We'll need to be aware and careful for ourselves, and err on the side of caution.

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Shoot, if I get my shot next

Shoot, if I get my shot next month then I'm definitely coming. 

Tyler W
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8th and 9th! That is great. I'll be headed to the BWCA the weekend of the "opener" and so I was resigned to missing again. Bonus: spouse is going out of town that weekend... if I can find some vaccinated grandparents I'll be a free man all weekend. 

Peeling Line
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Will there be tshirts and

Will there be tshirts and kayak rentals for the float trip?

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Yes and Yes?

We are finalizing shirt design right now.  They have lots of canoes and kayaks for rent at the Campground, and you can usually get one.