Mike B Arctic Grayling

Mike B caught this monster arctic grayling while keiryu fishing in the NWT.



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Nice fish.  How heavy of a rod is that for Keiryu fishing? (Fly rod equivalence)

Im thinking about trying tenkara. But I’d like to be able to use it for potentially larger fish than small to average size trout. 

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Hi Capt. Brandt, the rod is light (4.6 ounces) and I think in general will always be lighter to fish with than a fly rod. No reel/no fly line makes a big difference. This one is a Nissin 2-Way 540ZX medium. They get even lighter -- and more expensive! -- than this one.

Most of the fish I target with it are in streams and in the 14 to 22 inch range. It's absolutely perfect for them.


mike b

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thanks, i'll check in to those rods.   i'm always interested in trying new kinds of fishing and adding new tools to the fishing tool box.