Buffalo Soljaaaahh

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Holy Murphy a Black Buff! I caught this fish towards the end of June while fishing in southeast Missouri with Riverrat and Goldenfishberg. We decided to take a quick stop at a River that I have had success catching Northern Studfish at before. I decided to let my two companions have at it for a while as a Northern Studdy would be a lifer for them. After a little while Goldberg asked me what else can be found in this stream. Almost immediately after he asked that I saw a large dark tail appear on a current seam as if to wave hello. So I quickly attached a full redworm to my rig and after a few stressful drifts and one stupid little bass I was hooked up with a nice Buffalo. It quickly gave us a good look at it and I knew it looked different from the Smalliebuffs I was familiar with. I was only armed with a five foot ultralight, 4 pound mono, and a size 14 baitholder. So it was a long, nervous fight with this fish before it finally was in the net. I was pretty certain it was a Black Buffalo when I was handling it but shout out to Jknuth and Tyler Goodale for the confirmation. I didn’t really think I’d ever catch one of these and this was my third species of Buffalo I’ve landed. An awesome lifer caught from a beautiful stream on a fun road trip with good friends, you can’t beat it.


Also shout out to Goldberg for once again proving his ninja netman capabilities and Riverrat for his picture taking skillz.


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look at em lips

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Such a cool thing.  Congrats man!

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That's awesome man!  Huge congrats!


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So cool! 

Margaret Novak

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I can't even imagine how anxiety-riddled you must have been the entire fight. What a story and fish!

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Enjoy your

Buffalo Soldier Award.




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Man the disgusting sounds that your drag was making while fighting this fish were almost cartoonish. A grand catch for the ages m’lord well done. And aw shucks i ain’t no Ninja with the net I’m just an anger who knows a thing or too  about a thing or two.

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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Frick yep, bud.

Sexy stuff.

Fishn sure is neat