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Quillback help
<p>I recently found that there are a bunch of quillback in a local body of water. I&#39;ve been getting &nbsp;a few bites, but missing. I&#39;m thinking a single Corn kernel bottom rigged with a two pound leader and a small split shot. &nbsp;</p> <p>Any ideas?</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Casey Shanaberger
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A friend of mine sightfished one on half of a pea on a size 16 hook with a few spiltshot about 12" above the hook. I've connected with a few around here but they've all been blindfished. Trial and error is really the best way. 

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Sight fishing

I am not a very sucessful carpsucker angler, partly because I just don't have the patience for it.  Guys I know that catch them regularly are generally sight-fishing to actively feeding fish with very small baits like waxworms or redworms.  It is nearly impossible to detect the quick bite of a carpsucker, so setting the hook as soon as you actually watch the fish flare its gills is key.  Light tackle is necessary.

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I've seen way more of them caught at night than in the daytime. I got a few on green mr twisters during the spring walleye run this spring in Wisconsin. The green nightcrawlers available at some baitshops can work well, but keep the bait and hooks small. They dont seem to shy away from braided line (which is also usually green), so my advice is to go green.


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Lucky charms

For a successfull quillback assult you will need:

1. Luck

2. Lucky cigars (black and milds)

3. Luck

4. Worms (green like Tom suggested or original flavor) 

5. Luck

6. size #10 or smaller hook

7. paitence/luck

8. detemination/luck

9. luck

10. Think lucky thoughts, also be sneaky 

*I like to use a small slider rig (bottom rig) instead of running just a splitshot, you get more sensitivity this way and perhaps more luck. 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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That is an excellent list. As far as número uno and about half the others, I am a pretty freakin' lucky fishermen. I also have tried worms and had a couple of short strikes, but I'll have to remember to get some green ones. Thank you for the slipsinker idea, too, I will try that. The lucky cigars are out: I don't smoke.


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the bane of my bite:hook-up ratio -- couldn't agree more that bite detection & determining the right moment to set the hook present the greatest challenge

  • I mainly get them while carp-fishing in faster current at distance/depth well out of sight, when the carp don't show up to out-compete (of course, after 1 or 2 quill-specific bites, I scale WAY DOWN on the terminal tackle)
  • definitely slip/running sinker, so the weight is whatever it takes to hold bottom and/or maximize casting distance & doesn't effect sensitivity/stealth -- the only additional weight the fish feels, is a tiny crane swivel
  • for leaders, spend the bucks on premium tippet material: 5X/6X is much stronger than 2 lb. running line & just as stealthy (or you can go down to 7X/8X for super-stealth and/or smaller quills);  rather than stiff overpriced fluoro, I prefer supple pre-stretched nylon tinted to match the bottom (usually olive)
  • for hooks, I think overall profile/weight/wire-gauge matters more than tiny size# -- I use short-shank, light-wire up to #10 (or even #8, if the quills are in the 5 lb. ballpark)
  • Japanese high-carbon, all the way -- EC's ain't good enoughno
  • the characteristic quillback bite for my presentation is just the line shaking w/ barely (if any) movement of the rod tip -- if fishing at distance, zero-stretch PE main line really helps
  • I use soft doughbait, cover the hook completely, and bury the point, so striking quickly NEVER works!  as a matter of fact, it's a battle of will to wait long enough (sometimes >5 min.), until the line shakes more regularly/continuously/persistently

P.E.T.A. sucks!!!  Plants are living things, too -- they're just easier to catch!

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Great input regarding blind-fishing

Thanks for the tips, philaroman!