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Headed to Ontario
<p>I&#39;m going to be in Kitchener, Ontario the first week of October and was wondering if anyone had any good spots they&#39;d be willing to share. Perhaps this is too late in the year for many warm-water species-I&#39;m not familiar with that climate.</p> <p>Species of interest include:</p> <p>Bowfin</p> <p>Northern Sunfish</p> <p>Pumpkinseed</p> <p>Rock Bass</p> <p>All sucker, especially any of the redhorse</p> <p>Grass Pickerel</p> <p>Northern Pike</p> <p>Muskellunge</p> <p>Yellow Perch</p> <p>Walleye</p> <p>Brook Trout</p> <p>Lake Trout</p> <p>I&#39;m probably missing a few, but I&#39;ll edit if I think of any others.</p> <p>Any help is appreciated.</p> <p>Chadwin</p>
Amia Calva
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Kitchener is right on the Grand River and just few minutes away from the Thames, so lots of good fishing, although I am not too familiar with the area. I'll send you a PM with what I know, I've fished a few spots a short drive from Kitchener, but never in the city itself. 

Trout will be out of season, unless you fish the Great Lakes. 




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