Eclipse angling

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Eclipse angling
Anybody out fishing/make any notable catches during the eclipse today - especially folks in the totality zones?
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Eclipse angling

I fished while the eclipse was still visible (at least sort of) and caught a grand total of one black crappie. Sorry, no epic eclipse angling for me.


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I went out this evening for a few hours.  2 drum and a 4 inch smallmouth bass.  Not so good over here.


Casey Shanaberger
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I was 1/2 inch away from an amazing day

I was bottomfishing with nightcrawler a at one of my favorite spots and foul hooked a 15-16lb black buffalo on the outside of its mouth. Maybe the eclipse messed me up on the hookset. 

"I swear if you catch another drum"

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Got a new lifer today, Silver

Got a new lifer today, Silver carp. Definitely not the first time Ive tried to target them, just the first time ive gotten some genuine interest from them. Other than that lots of bluegill, 2 redear, and a little bowfin.