Day Trips from the Twin Cities

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Day Trips from the Twin Cities
<p>Hey everyone. Gonna take one last susbtantial trip before going into my Sophmore year of college. This would be a day trip, heading out from the Twin Cities Metro. I&#39;d love to catch a new species, but any good fishing would do. I&#39;d appreciate any tips on where a good place may be.<br /> <br /> Potential new species I&#39;d like to catch within a four-hour drive of the Twin Cities:<br /> <br /> -River Redhorse<br /> -any Salmon<br /> -White Perch<br /> -Longnose Sucker<br /> -Bigmouth Buffalo<br /> -any Carpsucker<br /> -Goldeye???<br /> <br /> Any help is very much appreciated! Thank you</p>
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River Redhorse

Go get yourself a river redhorse, dude.  I would reccommend the upper St. Coix river at this time of year.

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What help are you looking for?

The ideas are kinda a scattershot and tough to pinpoint to get help. Andy's suggesting is a good one. You could also hit Iowa in that time and get Yellow bass. Specific locations won't be shared publicly just a heads up.

Good fishing is always hit or miss but sometimes exploring with no agenda is the most rewarding. 

It is all perspective!

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Well, I got a tip on a good River spot.

Gonna bank on that, and just enjoy my last couple free days of summer.

Might scope out backwaters of the Minnesota and Mississippi later for Tetonka.

All fish are beautiful.

Jason E.
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The Red River in Fargo or

The Red River in Fargo or Wahpeton is about a 3 hour drive from the Cities, depending on where you're at in the metro.  Good place to try for goldeye.

The St. Croix is beautiful

The St. Croix is beautiful and with relatively clean water. We are headed there camping for the hoiday weekend.