June bugs as bait?

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Jason E.
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June bugs as bait?
<p>Anybody ever try using June bugs as bait?&nbsp; They seem to be out in great abundance here in the upper Midwest this year.&nbsp; They are clumsy, move slow, and have tough, crunchy bodies.&nbsp; I&#39;d bet they&#39;d stay on the hook well and work for at least some fish species.&nbsp; I&#39;ve tried grasshoppers with some success in the fall, but never June bugs.&nbsp; I&#39;m tempted, but being able to only use one pole/line in Minnesota makes this kind of experimentation tough.&nbsp; Anybody ever give it a shot?&nbsp;</p>
Casey Shanaberger
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Junebug flies

I've never tried live junebugs but I've had some success on junebug flies for sunfish, trout, and juvenile bass. I didnt use anything super detailed, but basically just a black piece of foam with little legs. Fished at low lights with small pops drew the fish in from everywhere.

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Never tried them myself, but I've been told they don't work.


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I used to have a lure that

I used to have a lure that looked like a junebug but had the action of a jitterbug.  Bowfin loved it until I casted it into overhanging vegetation.