Moose439 wins the 2016 Species Contest!


Moose439's cross-country rampage brought him sweet victory with 68 qualifying species.




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Huge congrats! Moose, you absolutely destroyed this year.

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Congrats Moose, that total will never be beaten... unless you decide to beat it.

"There's always a bigger fish"

Ditto on big congrats all around - to Greenwood as well for an amazing species tally of 57! Can't wait for the expedition report!
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Moose, I can't believe the run you had in June 2016.  Incredible!  Folks just in case you missed it, here's a link to all the species he caught last month -


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One hell of a feat!!!!!

A tip of the anglers cap to you

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Great job buddy!!!



The gods do not subtract the alotted span in men's lives the hours spent in fishing.

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sooper kool man. So many species that were not seen before in the contest.

Carpy Diem!

Very impressive. Most of June I'd log in and admire the dedication and commitment to the sport that the top leaders demonstrated. Plus it was cool to see all the fish and try to figure out what they'd catch next. 



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Congratulations Moose! loved seeing all those western fishes.

mike b

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Great month of fishing Lord Vader, nearly double every species I've ever caught in my life in one month!!  Congrats on a great show! 8)

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Congrats Dude!!

Helluva fishing clinic!! 

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Damn fine job man.  Big congrats to you.  You set out on a tough mission heading west like that.  And you did fantastic on what seemed like a really tough batch of western standard lifers.  That was a really fun contest to watch go down this year.

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The Tench & Rudd are most impressive & I loved the side-by-side domestic/feral goldfish

P.E.T.A. sucks!!!  Plants are living things, too -- they're just easier to catch!

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Awesome stuff, Moose.

It was a great ride watching them fish come in. Can't imagine what the real ride must have been like.

Fishn sure is neat

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Shout out to you and G-Woody. You guys are the envy of many a good fisherman.  I can only imagine the tails of the quest, All hail the champ. Congratulations my man. Oh, and snoop dog says wussup fa-shizzle.

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Rock on!  Nice work.  An impressive pool of fishing skill and knowledge on display!

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Unbelievable Moose!  Congrats on an other worldly run – and what even amps up the insanity even further in my book is that so much of that blitz was done in the west where it can turn fickle as a snow storm in June with no warning and where the species, and sometimes even the fishable  water bodies,  are often separated by many, many, many miles.

You nailed some real slobberknockers out there Moose, with each new species somehow outdoing the last. Each night the photos appeared like magic, as if they were the outcome of a march across some fantasy game board.  But the actual reality of pulling up to coordinates on a map looking out over  a patch of water and then producing an unheard of species seemingly on cue is simply staggering.  It requires an off-the-chart level of drive, commitment and confidence to produce like that ( and then drive over a mountain range and do it again).  I would say that this run will never be topped but somehow I think I should know better than to leave a statement like that dangling out there as a challenge.

Great job to Fishing Dude on planning and executing on that campaign as well.  Awesome work.  Great job to all roughfishers who pulled out dream species in June, there was some good stuff happening out there and it was great to see.  

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Man, this feat is so epic it is almost impossible to congratulate you properly.  Two weeks have passed and as I start to think about it in perspective it becomes more mind blowing.  The number is insane, just nuts, but it’s the way you got to that number that is unfathomable.  You went where no man has gone before and just turned into an epic fish catching machine.  It’s the ultimate feat in species fishing.  The number might be topped someday, probably by you, but I’m not sure this feat can be repeated.  So many accomplishments on this trips I can’t even begin to count them……off the top of my head, the Utah Chubs, the crazy African Cichlid, every single sucker species, the pikeminnows, oh and grayling and Sacramento perch, and everything else.  Lets not forget that you quickly caught almost every standard species in your area. 


The only thing that could possibly make this cooler is if you did with GWoody…..oh wait, you pretty much did.  My hats off to both of you, we all see the great fish you caught, but I also know it wasn’t easy.  The research, blood, sweat, and tears that went into this trip must have been amazing.   Congrats man, I’m in complete awe of your angling abilities. 



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Congrats Moose!  That was a dream performance. 

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Great fishing display Fishingpals4life!!!