Webmaster Corey Wins Derby

Our 15th Annual Root River Roundup was held over the weekend, and Corey won the Species Derby after a three-way sudden death fish-off.  It was his first time hoisting the SIlverTrophy.  Congratulations, Corey!  

More results from Roundup 2016 can be found HERE.



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Congrats Boss!!!

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Sure didnt take long for you to win man.  Nice job!  Me and Tony had the longest shit show fish off ever known to man after your victory.  Suprised we aren't both still sitting there...

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And that might be the most excited I've been to land an undersized Jake, at least it ended the slow death fish off to second...

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Funny story - when Tony finally won second place with that white sucker, folks said we needed to keep it for the grinder because we didn't know how many fish were kept for the sucker ball feast.  So, I grabbed the fish and headed back to camp.  Once there, I was happily surprised to find that the Crew had already fileted up all of the fish.  I decided to go down to the riverbank and let him go.  When I came back, Fiddlefish said, "That was very Presidential of you; you pardoned the sucker!"


I think this should be a new Roundup tradition, the pardoning of the sucker!

Corey's picture

This is a tradition that must continue.



Corey's picture

I still can't believe I pulled it off. Especially when I went into sudden death against two of the best roughfishers on the planet. Pretty random, but I'm grateful and humbled and glad I got to share the experience with my friends.

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You remember when ya told me you wanted to really fish this derby this time. I mean really compete? Whodathunk. Right? Congrats to you mister. It was my pleasuure to hand the traveling horse off to you. And at least Barefoot Kol didn't get a threepeet.

Corey's picture

I know. I only told my brother and you that I was going to fish seriously this year. Nobody else. Didn't want to jinx it. Funny thing was, my plan totally fell apart. I had a spot picked out where I could maybe win, but like always I was too busy to get my shit together like I wanted to. Couldn't get to my spot. So I made a new plan, and I got lucky.


I love it when a plan comes together.



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Congrats again on the win Corey! After everything you do for the site and at the roundup, even the contest itself. I can't think of a more deserving winner than you.