The Creek Chub is now a Standard Species!


The Creek Chub, Semotilus atromaculatus, is now a standard sportfish species and not a micro.

Details are here, if you care to delve into the madness.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback!



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I think the creek chub is well-deserving of sportfish status!  

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There are many big chubs in the Midwest. I once saw what I perceived to be white suckers swimming around at a spot which supposedly only had creek chubs. But after I dropped my bait in the water I saw that the were in fact 14 inch creek chubs.


I have always thought Creek Chubs shouldn't be a micro species. This is an awesome change and a big thanks to the members of this awesome site for recognizing the size, aggression, and sporting qualities of this native minnow.

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It makes sense. Kol and I were catching some large ones that when hooked we thought we had on small brown trout. 

Also with demoting the Orange Spotted Sunfish this equals up sie matters part of discussions. It is clear that chubs get over a pound and getting more common to be over 12 inches in the areas I fish. I think my largest was still under 14 inches but still a fun fast paced fishing in the heat of the summer.

It is all perspective!

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Glad to hear! I always thought it was odd that the 14.5" one I caught last November, which was bigger than all of the sunfish and most of the bass I've caught at that spot was considered a micro species. Now our next step should be to come together as a community and demand that local DNRs change their status to gamefish!

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Next on the chopping block: rainbow smelt.




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I saw some that had to be more than a pound.

mike b

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I wanna catch a pounder.

Fishn sure is neat

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Yeeeessss!!!! (fist pump ensuing)

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Wow, 14 inches, that's huge.  I've caught a few that pushed 12 inches.  I've ice fished for them too.  They're eager biters.  I always get curious questions from people when they see me with my portable ice house set up on a tiny creek in southeastern MN :-)

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Very cool. Got to love the feisty character of chubs, other kinds as well. Eager biters, heck yeah.

"There's always a bigger fish"