Contest is Over



Congratulations to Moose439 and FishingPals4Life! You both put on a dominant performance and an awesome species tally! An admin will contact you about your awards!


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How many time ya won this now? And is this a new high score?

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Thanks buddy, this is the second time and yeah new high score.

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You had a crazy, crazy run man! Awesome job.

Chain Pickerel: All the bad assery of a Northern Pike wrapped up in a smaller, prettier package.

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Way to go my friend! What a crusade 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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Congrats! Moose's contest was an insane war on fish. He traveled from region to region exhausting the available species  = Mooseinator. He'll need a couple years to rest up for another! Yes I believe it is a new record number. 

"There's always a bigger fish"

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That number is mind blowing.  Congrats man!

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When I read a little bit about what it took to win (battling critters, weather, wild animals, fatigue, etc.) I realized how hard-core some of these folks are!!  Major congrats on a well-deserved win.

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Big congrats to everybody who participated in the Species Contest!  So many great catches and stories popped up, and it sure made for an entertaining month.  I'm happy with the variety of fish I managed to catch, but seeing the carnage that ensues when the Moose is let loose is impressive beyond comparison.  There is a new standard for greatness in this competition.  The limits of what is possible have been tested and expanded by a fantastic Roughfisher named Moose439.  Congrats!  I must congratulate everyone in the top 10 for a fantastic month of fishing.  Roughfish 29 finishing tied for 9th with relative newcomers Dwalc400 and Plunger just might be a group of competitors to watch in next year's contest.  Mike tied with them as well.  The Contest Brothers Grimm battled it out and fished like maniacs, trying again to claim the title but coming short.  JKnuth put up a tally that would have won most years, all mainly in two week's time.  There were countless memorable catches made by the field, just an impressive display of angling prowess. 


And Fishingpals4Life, how awesome is this kid?!  What a species count for a youngster.  Definitely a Roughfisher in the making.  Keep on fishing ROUGH, kiddo!


Thanks to everybody who participated!

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Thanks Andy and crew for a great contest!  I tell all my friends about this site and the fun contests, and great info here.  All the work you guys put in is really appreciated.


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Awesome month, and way to go moose. Didnt hit my goal of 15 but did get three lifers. Mostly super stoked about my shovelnosed sturgeon.
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Congratulations to both winners!!! On of my favorite times of the year for sure! "Button month" as my wife calls it rocks!



The gods do not subtract the alotted span in men's lives the hours spent in fishing.

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Incredible work Moose - not only in sheer numbers but obviously conquering some extremely challenging species as well.  That definitely required a supreme effort. Great work too to all the contest fishermen: 22 competitors with twenty species or more!! 

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Thanks gang,

It was a great contest, I added a new lifer to my list thanks to my dad and MuskyMags for some spot on advice on a Bigmouth Buff!  Got really lucky on that one and my bowfin.  Congrats to all the great fishers out there, and Moose............WOW, you caught twice as many species in a month as I have on my lifelist!!! Awesome!  Big congrats.

Thanks Roughfish for a great contest!  Next year I'm hoping to have more time to fish with my dad and family, they have a new business and only get to take me fishing on Mondays and some rare Tuesdays.  We did get to make a trip to Granite Falls and fish the Minnesota, it was very pretty, but no new species for the contest, loads of baby bait stealing channel kittens!!  Hope we get to see you guys someday on the Root, maybe next spring.  Thanks all have a great summer.  Fish On!!

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Thanks guys I appreciate it. I had zero plans of winning this contest before it started, I was going to fish my local area and was hoping to put up a few nice specimens for fun. I underestimated the power  the button would have over me, I first noticed something was amiss the night before the contest when I was organizing my tackle In perpetration for the 1st. I was sweating and rushing around from combo to backpack checking and rechecking every fishing related item I own.By the time Midnight came and my common contest cold had turned to full blown species fever. I was no longer in control or responsible for my actions guided only by the awesome and divine power of the button. The problem with was is that I still had ZERO plan, luckily I have some really good friends who are really good anglers. I'd like to take a minute to thank those people who helped make this victory possible. First and foremost a big thank you to the Geving brothers for  running this amazing website and hosting my favorite contest. You guys sacrifice a lot and put in a lot of work for little or no reward and we all appreciate it beyond words. You guys rule and we all owe you. Shout out to OD4L for walking into the baitshop I was working at and exposing me to this whole community of weirdo's who love and respect everything that swims. Shout out my Sensei and compadri Dr. Flathead for driving my ass to Iowa and your continued guidance on all maters fishing. If you hadn't taken me under your wing when I was starting out I would never have become half the fisherman I am now. Shout out The Midwest Menace for making the run up the gunlint into the wilds with me, you held your own and are getting to be one hell of an angler. Shout out Jeanabeana for not killing me and the Menace for leaving without saying anything to you. Shout out the big homey Goldberg and Eddie of the Long Locks for hooking us up with the Splake Lake and keeping me company on the bridge all those nights. Shout out Tony S for keeping me motivated right from the begining, if it wasn't for you I might not have fished as hard right from the jump. You're an expert angler and I felt a serious amount of pressure from you. I'm scared to think what you would have done with more time. Shout out my main cracker Blueye for cheering me on, keeping me motivated and providing insight and intel. It was weird doing this without you old friend and you were sorely missed you more than once. Shout out my boy Teddy for enduring our at times hellish race across Missouri. Shout out Tyler Goodall for showing me the secrets of one of my favorite M areas in Missouri, I owe you one man come get that Muskie. Shout out Teds BBQ in Wappapello. Shout out Fishindude for accompanying me to South Dakota and Nebraska, providing first hand knowledge on the habits of Rudd and for hooking up some seriously tasty spot with the help of your seemingly endless network of fish intel operatives. I had a great time man, we need to get out again soon. Shout out my East Coast player partner JDunfee for your pep talk reminding me that the contest isn't over till it's over and a single day can change everything.Shout out to My elderly homie DT just because. Sorry we never got to fish together this June lets make it happen soon. A big shout out to Gary and Mr. Knuth for helping me out with some awesome spots and intel in Wisconsin. Gary I will always keep a pack of micro mites in my tackle bag from now on thank you. Double and Triple shout out to Josh for his help catching a certain sexy ass Redhorse and terrifying me the entire month. You're an effing finja(fish ninja) dude you scare me and I will always fear and respect you. You're twice the angler I am and I'm very very lucky you guys got the rain you did and that June happens to be the month of you and your lovely wifes anniversary. Shout out my little brother Smqkey for riding with me on the last leg of the contest deep into hostile territory. Shout out RF29 for his intel on current conditions of the Minnesota river and for showing me a really cool new area. Shout out to Carpchaser and Phil for being spooky and mysterious, you guys always go hard in June and there is no telling what you guys might catch or where you'll go. I know for a fact one if not both of you guys are going to win this thing one of these years. Shout out Kevin the innkeeper at the Super 8 in Paducah Kentucky  for hooking us up with a room even though we looked shady smelled of weed and didn't have a credit card. Your awesome man, enjoy your job at Microsoft! Shout out Knoths BBQ at Kentucky Dam your Pork Plate saved our lives. Shout out Marlboro, Camel and Newport cigarettes. Shout out MJ. Shout out the old guy at the gas station in NC for knowing the difference between a hogsucker and Redhorse. Shout out Powerade and water for keeping me alive. Shout out Uncle Pat and Lia. Shout out Ricky Bobby. Shout out Toad Smith. Shout out my baby dog Lola I miss you baby. Shout out Popeyes Chicken, Wendys and gas station food. Shout out to the bad ass Ma and Pop gas station who had HOME MADE HAND BREADED CHICKEN GIZZARDS you guys rock my world. Shout out the dark side of the force. Shout out to Satan for buying my soul and giving me magic powers. Shout out Wonder bread and Bologna. Shout out to ALL of the attractive gas station clerks with southern accents.Shout out Riverrat. Shout out to Apple fritters. Shout out the Dari Kreme in Cleveland Tennessee for having amazing food and a Ms. Pacman machine to help us through shit weather. Shout out to canned soup that doesn't need water added to it and has an easy open top. Shout out every commercial fisherman on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Shout out my cracker E Kol can't forget this man, he hooked up the spot I have caught 90% of my Goldfish at and has been an awesome friend since the moment I met him. Shout out to my trusty car for enduring this whole shit show. Shout out Hulk Hogan,The giant and Ultimo Dragon. Rest in peace Macho Man Randy Savage. Shout out Waffle House. Shout out The Daily Cafe In Cleveland Tennessee for being open late on a Sunday deep in the heart of the Bible Belt. Shout out five dollar Wal-Mart water shoes. Shout out to all the fine girls at the Chattanooga Mall who looked at us in disgust when we were buying an atlas from the book store. Shout out to the Sauger, Redear sunfish, Alabama Hogsucker, Spotted Bass and Smallmouth redhorse for not getting caught by me. Shout out hot sauce for making even the worst food taste good. Shout out Rick Flaire. Shout out camp ground showers.Shout out the Deer Tick I found attached to me the first day of the contest for not giving me Lymes. Shout out to the local Bridge dwellers  Jackson, Smokey Joe Mitten hands and the Oakdale and Apple valley crews. Shout out Flame burger off of Rice St. in St. Paul. Shout out Gander fuggin Mountain. Shout out Night crawlers, red wigglers, dillers, maggots, spikes and crickets. Shout out live bait in general. Shout out my Mom for not disowning me for being a fishing bum. Shout out my dad for knocking up my Mom at a remote fishing lodge in Alaska and making me. Shout out The Dukes of Hazzard and Waylon Jennings. R.I.P. Toad Smith R.I.P. Johnny Cash R.I.P. Aurther Mondella R.I.P Pimp C. To anyone I missed I am sorry, It's late and my brain is scrambled. Thanks to everyone who participated and a major thank you to the fishing gods for letting me bring the Species Contest title back to the west side of the St. Croix river.


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What more can be said!

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hot sauce!

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"There's always a bigger fish"

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Can't follow that up with anything other than congrats to this year's champ, and to everyone who went all out to make this year's contest incredible and epic... You guys are great!!! Had a blast this year and look forward to next already - June really has become my favorite time of year!!!



Do not meddle in the affairs of BAGMAN, for thou art crunchy and good with Old Bay seasoning...


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Yo man, that was the funniest damn paragraph I've ever read..You my friend are one crazy and talented angler.  It was very cool to watch it all unfold.  Congrats man!

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Moose, I absolutely love the list of shout outs.  We will attach this to your 2015 Species Contest run forever on  One of my favorite parts from this masterpiece - 

"Shout out to ALL of the attractive gas station clerks with southern accents.Shout out Riverrat. Shout out to Apple fritters. Shout out the Dari Kreme in Cleveland Tennessee for having amazing food and a Ms. Pacman machine to help us through shit weather. Shout out to canned soup that doesn't need water added to it and has an easy open top. "

That's Roughfish gold, right there!