Monster of the North

Saturday, May 2, 2015
longer than 34"

Not the biggest pike I've caught, but a very nice sized fish. You just don't catch beauties like this every day in overfished/illegaly fished northern Lake Michigan. And so close to my house (not even a mile). What a great surprsie it was to see this fish turn in the water and for me to see that this wasn't a smallmouth, but a really nice sized pike. I was so happy I caught my first large open water fish of the year. There is nothing like the run of a Northern. This, like all of my other catches, was of course released. Besides, pike season is closed in Michigan. 


Hengelaar's picture

That's a good looking pike!

Very healthy looking. Beautiful markings.

Fishn sure is neat

Carp Chaser's picture

Nice pike, and so close to home is always a benefit. I once caught a 36" pike out of a creek a couple miles from home. This creek is pretty small and there are houses all along it... some people who saw the pic later didn't believe it.

"There's always a bigger fish"

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Sometimes it's not necisarilly the size of the fish, but the location and the technique that make it special!

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Must have been a great fight.
UpperMi roughangler's picture

It was a great fight! 8 pound line tied to the lure with a nonslip loop knot. It chewed right through it, thankfully, after I already grabbed it.