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Rio Frio, Costa Rica
Date Caught: 
Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Caught on a Rapala plug after casting for hours and hours.


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I think the species of gar in Costa Rica are actually recognized as their own species  "Tropical Gar"  rather than alligator gar (Atractosteus tropicus)?   Its hard to find much info about this species online, I am really not sure what the major differences are.   


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Wow.  That's a sweet catch if it's a tropical gar!  I'd love to see another angle of the fish.  



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Here's a few more.

It became apparent to me a while ago that it was simply not possible this fish was an alligator gar as I had orignally posted. The Rio Frio where I was fishing is tributary on the San Juan River and from what I've read the gar there are tropical gar. I saw piles of them surfacing and gulping air -- including a few that looked like they could've been five feet long or more -- but only hooked three and landed one over four days of fishing. I wanted to use bait but apparently it's not allowed so I fished with Rapalas.

mike b

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p.s. The world record tropical gar is apparently from the Rio Frio now. I stood on that very dock next to where that guy in the photo is standing. Apparently the live bait ban only applies to tourists.

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It's a sweet fish AND you had Obama guide you onto it!!!









...sorry, but that guy really looks like Obama.




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Wow. He does.

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It's his half-brother, the one from Costa Rica.

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