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Eel Season
<p>What a great night to be out last evening.&nbsp; The weather was pretty rotten, but not too bad for mid October here in Minnesota.&nbsp; Conditions were light drizzle pretty much steady all night.&nbsp; A 10 mile and hour breeze slapped us in the face on and off.&nbsp; Temps held steady in the&nbsp;lower 50&#39;s to upper 40&#39;s.&nbsp; And there was a full moon, but it hid behind the thick clouds all night.&nbsp; I&#39;d like to think that what happened last night was because of the even worse weather about to work its way into our area.&nbsp; Could have been&nbsp;full moon related?&nbsp; Or you could just chalk it up to more upper midwest eel voodoo.&nbsp; Strange creatures these American Eels are.&nbsp; Pretty much all eels that reach our area come up the Mississippi River from the Gulf of Mexico.&nbsp; Thats over 2000 miles from here!&nbsp; And with the 29 lock and dam systems on what is considered to be the Upper Mississippi, they have to make it around 25 or 26 of them to reach this spot we catch them at.&nbsp; Pretty impressive species.&nbsp; Anyhow, last night proved that the eel is doing well up here.&nbsp; By far the best night of eel fishing I have ever seen.&nbsp; There were 3 of us, Andy, the Dutchman and myself.&nbsp; And we were lucky enough to catch 6 eels and one Flathead Catfish in mid October.&nbsp; And just for the record, that was the latest in the season I have ever seen an angler catch a flathead.&nbsp; Heres a couple pics.&nbsp; My computer seems to be screwed up this morning.&nbsp; I have to add the pics in a reply.&nbsp;</p>
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Killer man, so cool to see so

Killer man, so cool to see so many caught in the last few years...

Dr Flathead
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Yeah, for some reason I cant

Yeah, for some reason I cant tab down in my posts.  Anyone know how to solve that issue?  To finish the story about last nights fishing.  All the action came in a short period.  Between 7pm and 11pm to be exact.  The Dutchman ended up catching not just one lifer eel, but added a second a short time later.  So big congrats to him.  I'm sure he'll add his pics to this thread as well.  Andy, was the sheepshead master, weeding out all the Drum so we could concentrate on the eels.  Thanks for your service man!  You will catch an eel.  You are so overly due, dude.  And me, I got the 4 remaining eels.  Quite fitting that I got 4 of them too.  The last two years I have caught 6 eels each year.  And before last night I had only caught 2 this season.  So it only makes sense that on the last decent night I get 4 to bring my total to 6 for the year.  I dont know what to think, eels are just weird. Six eels the last 3 years in a row.  Thats 666.  Pretty strange, but it is the American Eel we are talking about.  So heres to a great night of October angling.  And to the eel, its great to see such good numbers of them here in the upper midwest. 

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That is so crazy! I can't believe it. Wow man what a night. Congrats boys!

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Holy balls dude. That's just

Holy balls dude. That's just crazy dude. 6 fkin Eels? Nuts. And that 2nd photo might be the biggest smile i've ever seen on the Dr.Flathead. Sounds like you guys had some good fun.

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That does make 666, and that sir is commendable! sick eels you guys are catchin, your catchin em bigger than I do out east!

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Great Report, Doc!

I really can't believe the amazing success you've had. Congrats!

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Congrats Doc.  You are the Ee

Congrats Doc.  You are the Eel master around here.  It makes me want to try again for another Eel.

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Congrats on a thick Eel!

We of course have a decent eel population in the rivers here in North Florida and I have caught a couple longer ones on bush hooks but that is the "Thickest" Eel I have ever seen (looks like a small Moray-lol) - Congrats on a very healthy Eel catch!

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Sorry it took so long for me to reply to this!

Here are my photos of the night: The Eelmaster General:


Landing another not much later:



My second American Eel, all tied in a knot:



And the lil Flidded I got:



Seems unfair that I was using #4 carp hooks and hooked all of my fish perfectly, while Doc deep-hooked all of his on big circles.

Seems unfair, too, that Andy was denied his lifer. I thought for sure you were gonna get one, dude. Yours will come.


What a fun session. Great times by the water, on what normal people might think was a miserable night!




Fishn sure is neat

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Was Andy wearing ANYTHING blu

Was Andy wearing ANYTHING blue? It appears the blue carhartt/blue sweater combo made for great eel attractant. I see Doc was wearing blue jeans as well, which is obviously why he caught the most eels, as he was wearing the most blue. Food for thought, kiddos.

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When I caught my 2 eels I was

When I caught my 2 eels I was going the camo route, which usually works well on most fish.  Particularily well on Burbot.  But clearly Doc has it mastered for catching the mostest eels possible...