Bowfin and Gars

Gars and bowfin are ancient fishes, with long, cylindrical bodies heavily armored with bony scales. They make up the ancient group of fishes called the Holostei. Key characteristics of this group are heavy scale armor, wickedly sharp teeth, and a seriously bad attitude. Unlike most fishes, they can "breathe" by gulping air at the surface. While traditional "game" fishermen often curse and scorn these fierce and fearsome beasts, real fishermen respect them for their unrivalled strength, their unrelenting predatory instinct, and their absolutely berserk wildness. Match your wits and strength against these timeless wonders of the water but once, and you'll be hooked. Gar and bowfin fishing is extremely addictive.


Bowfin, Longnose Gar, Shortnose Gar, Alligator Gar, etc.

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