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Hypophthalmichthys nobilis - Bighead Carp, Asian Carp, Flying Carp


The bighead carp is a very popular food fish native to the large rivers and associated floodplain lakes of eastern Asia. Its range extends from southern China to the Amur River system, which forms the northern border of China and the southern border of Russia.  It has been introduced into many waters outside its range, and is now established in North America and Europe. A filter-feeder, bigheads require specialized angling tactics to capture.




The most popular way to hook these abundant invaders is to drift an unweighted twister-tail jig body, hooked onto a strong #4 hook, through the feeding bighead schools. Most serious bighead anglers swear by bright-green jig bodies, but it probably doesn't matter. To up the odds, many anglers drift a series of these jig bodies, weighted at the bottom and attached to the main line by dropper loops (like a big sabiki rig). Usually, two hooks make up this rig, but in some cases three or even four can be used. Drifting a fly is equally as effective as a jig body, and flyrod anglers delight in the power and leaping ability of this invasive fish.


School rig for angling for invasive asian bighead and silver carp; hook and line fishing for asian carp..



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