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Atlantic salmon Salmo salar


The Atlantic Salmon is a member of the trout family, closely related to the brown trout. Like the brown, it is native to Europe and has been pursued by sportsmen on the continent and the British isles since ancient times. It also occurs along the Atlantic coast of North America, where large spawning runs once filled the rivers and provided a thriving fishery for the early colonists. The Atlantic Salmon is the prototypical European gamefish, universally held in high esteem and revered worldwide for its taste, beauty, and fighting spirit. Because of this, it has been introduced into many rivers and lakes worldwide, with varying degrees of success. Virtually all of the Atlantic Salmon available for purchase today comes from salmon farming operations, where special domesticated salmon breeds are fed ground-up fish in pens. The meat is then dyed an attractive color, to give it the appearance of wild pacific salmon flesh, before being shipped to market.


Other Names: Bay Salmon, Black Salmon, Sebago Salmon, Fiddler





Atlantic salmon are overall silvery-gray in color, with sharp and distinctive x-marks on the back and sides. The males develop huge, grotesque kypes during the spawning run. At various points during their life stage, they may turn silvery, whitish, or almost black.


Atlantic Salmon were once found in abundance in Lake Ontario, but are now extinct there. Native, wild atlantic salmon populations still survive in Iceland, eastern Canada, and portions of Scandinavia and the British Isles.


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