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Fishes in the Fresh Waters of Florida Book Review - Fishes in the Fresh Waters of Florida

A review of the new fish Atlas from the University of Florida Press.

Minnesota Trophy Bullhead Waters Trophy Bullhead Waters of Minnesota

This article details a series Minnesota lakes that would be good places to fish for large bullhead specimens. Also included is a table of hot bullhead waters.

Make your fish be the star of the photo. Improving Your Photos With the Magic of Editing *Desktop Version*

Improving photos is so easy with some basic changes makes a difference. Where to start?

Mayfly Klinkhammer Emerger tied by Corey Geving Tying and Fishing the Mayfly Klinkhammer

The history, tying instructions, and techniques for fishing the Mayfly Klinkhammer, one of Andy and Corey's favorite fly patterns.

American Coarse Angling by Brook Landis Book Review - American Coarse Angling by Brook Landis

Corey's book review of the book: American Course Angling: Modern baitfishing tactics for the overlooked species

Rattlin' Redhorse: A Strategy for the Determined Angler

For the sake of brevity, I'll spare the reader the fluff details regarding my experimentation with catching redhorse through the ice and as much as possible stick to just the 'juice'.

Taking Photos to Last a Lifetime

Taking Photos to last a lifetime

Angling Tactics for Quillback, Highfin, and River Carpsuckers Fishing for Carpsuckers (Quillback, River, and Highfin)


Welcome to the strange world of angling for one of the most frustrating fishes in the world.

Late Summer Pike

A small lake and aggressive northern pike make for some fantastic fishing

Great Lakes Steelheading

The fish accelerated down through the rapids below me faster than anything I’d ever hooked before. He tore flyline, then backing from my reel, then right at the next bend in the river the fish cartwheeled into the air.

Natural Baits Part IV - Collecting, Keeping, And Fishing Natural Baits

Part 4 - Collecting, Fishing, and Keeping Natural Baits

Natural Baits Part III - Rods, Reels And Lines

Part 3 - Rods, Reels, and Lines

Natural Baits Part II - Rigs

Part 2 - Rigs

Natural Baits Part I - Terminal Tackle- Hooks, Weights, Etc.

Part I - Terminal Tackle 

Flyfishing for Channel Cats

It was an early May morning and I was fishing a deep, slow riprapped bank for walleyes and drum. A flyrod was my tool of choice, and I was tossing Clouser minnows into the high Spring flows just above a dam.

Lessons From the Carp Slough

When I first started fly-fishing for carp, I had never heard of anybody else doing it. I had just begun tying my own flies, and fished mainly in The Mississippi River near my home. Concentrating my efforts on the faster flows, I did quite well catching Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Pike, Panfish, and the occasional Channel Catfish.

Tactics and Equipment for Catching Winter Ciscos

A short article about fishing for ciscos, with a special emphasis on fishing in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of Northern Minnesota.

Tying for Alaska

I've been tying flies like a madman, preparing for our trip to Alaska

Trout Fishing Basics

Trout fishing has become a very popular sport today, with anglers from all walks of life participating.

Night-Fishing for Longnose Gar

I live in the northernmost reaches of the Longnose Gar’s range.  Waters that these fish inhabit are precious few here, and large populations are almost unheard of.  They are a species most often caught incidentally by anglers targeting other fish in ou