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Last Cast Of The Season

It was the last day of the stream trout season in Wisconsin, and my Dad and I headed to a favorite river.

Creek Chub Elevation from Micro to Standard Species

There have been a flurry of big, humungous, clearly not microscopic creek chub specimens posted in the last year or so. I have been asked to revisit the micro status of our favorite lunker minnow, on behalf of the Creek Chub Army. It's time to examine the facts and take action ...

Fishing Word Find Fishing Word Find

Just a fun, fishing-themed word find to keep the kids occupied on those long car rides.

Release Those Roughfish!

At work today, a coworker came up and told me they'd seen me on the Minnesota Bound TV show, but her husband had mentioned that what we were doing was illegal.  He told her "If you ca

State of Roughfishing Address

Andy's thoughts on the current state of our favorite sport.

Article in Local Paper

A local paper published this article about Andy's record redhorse, and the sport of roughfishing.

Redhorse Taxidermy

My record-breaking Golden Redhorse is being made into a graphite replica, and should be done within a month. I am totally psyched to see the finished product, as the taxidermist who is doing it does an incredible job.

An Off Wind and a Fly Hatch

When I was about 8 years old, my family took a trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.