Roundup Reports

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Root River Roundup 2021

After having to cancel Roundup in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were all very excited to head down to Eagle Cliff Campground and catch up.  This year's event would be a little different, because that dang Covid was still hanging around.  There

Root River Roundup 2019

Fishing was excellent during the 18th annual Roundup, and a few large lake sturgeon stole the show.

A few new species were caught this year for the first time, and the spotted suckers showed up in good numbers as well. Root River Roundup 2018

A few new species were caught this year for the first time at Roundup, and the spotted suckers showed up in good numbers as well.

Best.  Roundup.  Yet. Root River Roundup 2017

The 2017 Root River Roundup was held May 12-14.  This year just might have been the best ever, which is really saying something considering it was the 16th annual event!

2016 Root River Roundup

Roundup 2016 was our biggest yet.  Featuring an epic 3-way sudden death fish off and a potential new World record redhorse.  Also sucker balls.

Root River Roundup 2015

This year's Roundup was held May 8-10, 2015.  A mandolarian showed up with a hooligan.  A few morels made an appearance.  Mandolarian Morel Hooligans might just make a good bluegrass band name.   Weather was great, and lots of folks made the trip.

2014 Root River Roundup

This year's Roundup was timed perfectly for the redhorse runs.  It also featured a new world record golden redhorse and a few unique species caught.

Pout-O-Rama 2013!

Angry Mongrel and Sarah were king and queen of Pout-O-Rama 2013. Walleye for FishingDude14 and a pout for Andy. Slow day, but only Corey got completely skunked.

2013 Root River Roundup

Roundup 2013 was a really, really good time!  DT won the species derby, Rich inadvertantly took a short swim in the Root, and several people heard some sasquatch mating calls from up on the bluff.  Click for details.

Roughfish roundup 2012 2012 Root River Roundup

Roundup 2012 - this is the long-awaited roundup report for the 2012 Root River Roundup in Lanesboro, MN!

2011 Root River Roundup

The 2011Roundup was documented by a popular Outdoors television show, Minnesota Bound.  This made for an interesting weekend to be sure.

Minnesota Bound Roughfish Roundup Thumbnail Video - Minnesota Bound Episode on the 2011 Roughfish Roundup

The Minnesota Bound TV show filmed the 2011 roundup and have made the video available online.They captured the first-ever "Sudden-Death Fish-Off" in species derby history ...

2010 Root River Roundup

Black and Greater Redhorse, Knuth in a kilt, the Leisens in strange hats, first carpsucker for Superfrog. First use of the photo-and-nametag system for the species derby.

2009 Root River Roundup

This roundup was a watershed event.  Not only was it the best turnout ever, but it marked the first award of the travelling trophy, and the first carpsucker caught during the roundup by Leakeywaders. Clear water and a huge run of Silver Redhorse this year.

2008 Root River Roundup

The 2008 Root River Roundup was once again a great event!  Weather cooperated for the most part, with typical spring conditions for Minnesota.  Early mornings were quite chilly and those who crawled out of their sleeping bags at dawn needed warm fleece and hot coffee. 

Andrew Geving Record-Breaking Golden Redhorse 2007 Root River Roundup

Roundup 2007 was the greatest roundup yet!  Not only did we have 22 hardcore roughfishers attend, AND great weather, AND an incredible number and variety of species caught, but Andy also managed to break the Minnesota state record, as well as the all-tackle FFHOF world record, for Golden Redhorse.

Scumfoot Mini-Roundup from 2006

 What a day! Landed nine species of fish while scumfooting on Saturday: Channel Catfish, Common Carp, Mooneye, Walleye, Northern Pike, Freshwater Drum, Bluegill, Flathead Catfish, and Smallmouth Bass.

2006 Root River Roundup

Once again, we immersed ourselves in nature and had a great time despite unseasonably cold temps, high winds, and 60 hours of constant rain. This is two years in a row of terrible Roundup weather!  Well, you gotta take what nature gives you.

2005 Root River Roundup

 Once again, we immersed ourselves in nature and had a great time despite unseasonably cold temps, extremely high winds, and intermittant rain, snow, and hail.

2004 Root River Roundup

Flooded and muddy conditions. A Roundup with turkey hunting and roughfishing both. Fished the lower river. Rich collected a stringer of trout, and Clarence caught our first shovelnose sturgeon from the Root.