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Beer Batter Pike

This is a simple foolproof method for frying boneless pike, over a campfire or on the stovetop. Other fish can be substituted.

Asian Carp Kabobs Asian Carp Kabobs

Recipe for barbequed Asian Carp. Anytime you end up with one of these invasives on yuor line, you should heat up the grill. A recipe I'm adding to the site so I can try it once I catch one of these.

Poached Fish Fillets With Cheese Sauce Poached Fish Fillets with Cheese Sauce

A simple poached fish recipe which uses the poaching stock as a base for a light cheese sauce to pour over the finished fish fillets.

Patty's Pickled Pike

This is a great pickled fish recipe which can work with more than just pike.  Almost any panfish is delicious prepared this way as well.  feel free to experiment; pickling is a great way to make your latest catch of fresh fish into a tangy snack that's

Cooking Fish in Foil over a Campfire

Well, if you really need to be told how to do this, then I guess the world is in much worse shape than I thought it was.

Poor-Man's Lobster (Eelpout/ Burbot Recipe) Poor-Man's Lobster (Eelpout/ Burbot Recipe)

There's no better way to cook up a burbot than using this extremely simple recipe.  Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.  Burbot, as a member of the cod family, has firm, white flesh that responds extremely well to being poached.  This was once

Parmesan Catfish Nuggets Recipe Breaded Parmesan Catfish Nuggets

This recipe was originally intended for cooking halibut, but my dear mother obligingly adapted it when I brought home a ten-pound channel cat at the tender age of 12.  It's a winner.

Patty's Fish Patties

This is our famous ground fish recipe, cooked annually at the roundup and enjoyed by all.  You can jazz them up with peppers or spring onions, and make them as formed balls or as burger patties.

Recipe Links

A simple collection of recipe links that have caught our eye over the years. We haven't tried all of these, but would like to.