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Piscifun reels.......any good?

General Discussion
Tue, 12/27/2016 - 02:23
I am  in the market for some new fishing reels under $90, browsed through webs and reviews. Saw some guys post their time on the water with gears from a brand named Piscifun which I hadn't heard of...

Merry Christmas!

Sun, 12/25/2016 - 20:16
  Enjoy it
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Thu, 12/22/2016 - 10:09
Hey guys, I know I'm going to end up at Gooseneck Bend at some point for a try at Burbot.  Anybody interested in joining?   I'm thinking either Jan 7, 8, or 14.    
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Heading to Florida--seeking interesting spots I've missed, Ft. Myers area, maybe Miami

General Discussion
Wed, 12/21/2016 - 19:53
Heading down there next week. I think it's the fifth time, so I've explored a lot in the Ft. Myers area. I've made only one foray into the gar-licious wilds of the Tamiami Trail, but hoping to do it...
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Great Catches 2016!!!

General Discussion
Tue, 12/20/2016 - 20:36
Well, another year has passed and I know all of you encountered some memorable fish in 2016.   So let's see 'em!  Let's get a thread going here with photos of all the awesome fish that made your...
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Dan Morey

Tilapia I.D. Help

General Discussion
Sun, 12/18/2016 - 19:01
Was messing around with the Tilapia in the Ala Wai Canal (Honolulu) and caught one that was pure black. Species-wise, there are mostly Blackchin in there (it's brackish). Used to be a lot of...
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2017 Spring Contest

Contest Discussion
Sun, 12/18/2016 - 13:48
Hi all!  I was just wondering if there would be a Spring Contest in 2017 and if so when the buttons would become available for purchase.  Thanks for any help!
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June Species Contest 2017

Contest Discussion
Wed, 12/14/2016 - 12:17
Just getting my plan of attack put together for June. Only 5.5 months to go.

Black Bullheads: Best Lake or River to Find them?

General Discussion
Mon, 12/12/2016 - 22:55
Are there any specific bodies of water where any of you have caught black bullheads? It could be in any state throughout the United States. Thank you!

Black Bullheads- Need answers for a college class please!

General Discussion
Mon, 12/12/2016 - 21:33
For a class I am taking at St. Cloud State University I have to obtain information about a certain fish species that we were given, which is the black bullhead for me. I was wondering if anyone is...
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carp on the fly

General Discussion
Mon, 12/12/2016 - 16:06
Hey guys im pretty new to the site and loving it already! just wanted to see if anybody knows of any locations that I can sight fish for carp in fairly shallow water ? preferably fishable from the...
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Matt Miller

Bonneville whitefish

General Discussion
Mon, 12/12/2016 - 15:27
Bear Lake straddles the border of Idaho and Utah; it is of interest to species anglers because it is home to 4 endemic fish species as well as a healthy population of cutthroat trout and others. Many...

Burbot Questions for College Class

General Discussion
Sun, 12/11/2016 - 21:36
Greetings, members of RoughFish, I am a college student from Minnesota taking a class that focuses on fishing and the environment. I’m currently writing my final paper on how a particular species of...
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OtterTail County area ICE REPORT

Fishing Reports
Sun, 12/11/2016 - 11:14
Hey gang as promised I said I'd let you guys know how we are doing on ice in the Fergus Falls/Perham area.  OtterTail itself finally froze over on Thursday as did Rush and the majority of the rest of...
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First Ice

Fishing Reports
Mon, 12/05/2016 - 15:00
Unseasonably warm temperatures this winter in Minnesota have prevented the majority of the state from enjoying hard water especially down by the twin cities. In years past I can remember being able...
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Eliminating bycatch while fishing for redhorse

General Discussion
Fri, 12/02/2016 - 16:17
Hi all!  I was wondering if anyone had any information on how to eliminate bycatch while fishing for redhorse.  I plan to start targetting them in early 2017 (the only one I have caught so far was...
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Late Season Musky

Fishing Reports
Thu, 12/01/2016 - 22:03
Muskies will humble and school you and make you feel like a complete inexperienced novice fisherman.  I guess that's what you get when you chase the top of the food chain.  I don't have a lot of fish...
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Polka Never Dies

General Discussion
Thu, 12/01/2016 - 11:08
November Sturgeon fishing was good for me so I'm throwing in a breif summary.  I found an old boat for sale that looked to be everything I wanted in a cat and sturg boat.  It has performed admirably...
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Mike B

Possible new world record burbot

General Discussion
Mon, 11/28/2016 - 21:08
In burbot news, this guy from Aklavik, NWT caught a monster burbot while ice fishing. More than 27 pounds.There they call them loche. Aklavik is in the Beaufort-Delta region of the Northwest...
Love the gitch

eelpout in duluth area

Fishing Reports
Mon, 11/28/2016 - 13:05
I wonder when the pout will start this year. my best time was January 14th last year in fondulac.(way up riverfrom duluth) we tried the nemajie sevral times by hwy 53 in superior with no bites.also...
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Fall/Early Winter Summary

General Discussion
Sun, 11/27/2016 - 23:47
Hello all! I've been too lazy to post all of my fishing as individual reports, so I figured I'd compile some of my favorite pictures/catches/memories from the last few months. Be warned, this post...
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Happy Thanksgiving Gang!

General Discussion
Thu, 11/24/2016 - 11:56
Happy Thanksgiving Gang from the FP family! Just wanted to pop by and wish all you guys and gals a happy and safe turkey day. Cheers to old friends, big fish, making more new friends, GLoomis rods,...
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No rain no problem.

Fishing Reports
Thu, 11/24/2016 - 07:14
This is a bit of a tie up report for my fall fishing thus far. I don't much bother with the fall salmon run, maybe once or twice just to clear the itch but am always up for the fall Steelies &...
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Photos of the Fraser

General Discussion
Fri, 11/18/2016 - 21:53
I hope to one day see this beast of a river in its entirety. For now, I'm content to have seen (and fished) it at both ends.   ~150km from the salt. This is serious bar fishing country.   Very near...
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Matt Miller

Brief Foray into Minnesota

General Discussion
Fri, 11/18/2016 - 10:49
Last summer, I posted a photo of a chiselmouth on the Roughfish Facebook group page. An hour later, I was contacted by FishingDude14 and Moose, who were on an epic species collecting trip for the...