Master List of Species Requests

This is a list of all the new species or fish identification requests that have come in. This should make it much easier for people to upload pictures of new or unknown fish, and it will also make it quicker and easier for the admins to process them as they come in. Once they are completed, they drop off the front page, so you can view them all here. You can use the boxes at the top of the list to filter the list, if desired.

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Photo Requested by Post date Proposed Common Name Proposed Scientific Name Size Actual Species Assigned
fishingwithpole 10/17/17 Asian pencil halfbeak Hyporhamphus intermedius Micro Halfbeak, Asian Pencil
fishingwithpole 10/16/17 Akaza Liobagrus reini Micro Catfish, Akaza
fishingwithpole 10/16/17 Deme-moroko Squalidus japonicus japonicus Micro Deme-moroko
Mathew Williams 10/15/17 Orangefin Shiner Notropis ammophilus Micro Shiner, Orangefin
NickP27 10/15/17 Common Shiner?? Micro Shiner, Common
pmk00001 10/3/17 Eastern Happy Astatotilapia calliptera Micro Cichlid, Eastern Happy
TheMasterCaster 9/28/17 Whitespotted Soapfish Rypticus maculatus Standard
Michieldewit 9/16/17 Banded Darter? Micro Darter, Greenside
TheMasterCaster 9/14/17 Atlantic Bonito Sarda sarda Standard Bonito, Atlantic
TheMasterCaster 9/14/17 American Conger Eel Conger oceanicus Standard Eel, American Conger
jfleullan 9/10/17 Clear Chub or Coastal Chub Hybopsis winchelli Micro
jfleullan 9/9/17 Longjaw Minnow Notropis amplamala Micro Minnow, Longjaw
tom 9/8/17 black buffalo Standard Buffalo, Black
Letitbe793 9/5/17 Golden Silverside Labidesthes vanhyningi Micro Silverside, Golden
Aviatrix 8/30/17 Channel Cat Standard
Michieldewit 8/26/17 Emerald Shiner? Micro Shiner, Mimic
Hengelaar 8/26/17 Monkey Goby Neogobius fluviatilis Micro Goby, Monkey
Hengelaar 8/26/17 Vimba Vimba vimba Standard Vimba
Michieldewit 8/23/17 Redhorse? Standard Sucker, White
Aviatrix 8/23/17 Unknown fish Micro Shiner, Blacktail
IsaacsFishingCorner 8/23/17 Topsmelt Atherinops affinis Standard Topsmelt
TN_Fishing 8/20/17 Striped or common shiner? Standard Shiner, Striped
Aviatrix 8/19/17 Eastern mosquitofish? Micro Mosquitofish, Eastern
IsaacsFishingCorner 8/16/17 Rio Grande Chub Gila pandora Micro Chub, Rio Grande
TN_Fishing 8/15/17 Hybrid Sunfish Standard Sunfish, Warmouth