Weird Stuff We've seent While fishun

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Weird Stuff We've seent While fishun


So sometimes I think of making a list of the weird/bizarre/creepy stuff I see out fishing becuase I've been on the frontlines of weirdness. Today I decided I'm just gonna do it! Feel free to throw in your own bizarre sightings or weird happenings as well if you got any weird ones. The following list includes all true accounts. Trust me I've spent a lot of time fishing late, late at night and ''the freaks come out at night'' is a true statement, shockingly true.

Shit Adam has seen out fishun:

Pirates, drunk, really drunk pirates who had a charity to raise money for people who were amputees...and they were so drunk. Did i mention then were drunk pirates. They hung out with me and Moose for a spell and we got pics all around, I'll have to dig them up some time.

The El Chapo of Bath salts....crazy dude wanted a ride to New Richmond Wisconsin, Bath Salts Kingpin he claimed to be.

A woman screaming at her boyfriend that "she wasn't going to go to jail for him or his mushy genitals".....

Underpants are everywhere, all the time (not mine)

Used pregnancy tests next to a bottle of Phillips....Life event???

An old man pissing into a jug then periodically holding the jug up to the light to look for....foreign bodies or particulates?

Two gal's making romance to each other and when they saw me notice them, "HEY. HEYYYY! ISN'T MY GIRLFRIEND HOT!?" ......she was not....

A man running from police who had a gun and threw the gun into the river and then hid up underneath a bridge for a spell. They got him tho, boy howdy did they ever.

A baby doll with an arm and a leg missing but had the nicest combed hair...

Crack pipes. Meth pipes, Weed pipes, Pipe Pipes,

A boomerang

Bootleg chinese DVD's that were in too good of condition to be on the river bank


People having loud romanticals on the bow of a boat that was on a crash course for another boat, narrowly avoided collision

A prostitute who propositioned me for intercourse at 5:30 in the morning, at a creek, in a public park. I had to say no thank you two times. I thanked her for the offer and politely yet firmly asked her to leave.

A pile of old cheese curds made into the shape of a weiner

"It's Britney Bitch" spray painted on a bridge

A wild Wrecked Angler

A 'get well soon balloon' floating down stream

A guy riding motorized chest cooler singing some song in Russian

A man on drugs twirling glow sticks on strings - that was actually a pretty good show

Two folks dressed as Pikachu chasing one another having what appeared to be a tickle fight

The guy who looked uncannily like Louie Anderson - when I shouted his name he just looked confused - I know it was you Louie.. don't be coy.

A girl hooked herself in the head with a nice sized hook, then when her husband went to help her get unhook he hooked her in the leg with his own rod, that one wasn't gettin away.

A guy so drunk carrying a plastic bag full of Busch Lite and the bag tore open spilling the cans everywhere and some exploded and were spinning around and this guy was chasing them around like a naughty chicken who wouldn't return to the coupe.

People fishing for walleyes in sparkly boats...nuff said

Two folks ''getting jiggy with it'' on a park bench next to a group of other folks taking wedding photos by the river, turns out they were not in the wedding, who woulda guessed! 


More to come when I remember them!


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That is a great deal of wierdness you've witnessed. Got a good laugh outta me!

Dan Morey
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Freaking Hilarious

More weirdness:


A guy guns his canoe up on a bank and runs for the woods, dropping trou en route. Could see him crouched in the weeds, taking a mighty dump. Turns out to be my friend ***.


A Koehler beer can floating in the shallows of Presque Isle Bay. They haven’t made Koehler since 1978.


The old man who sunbathes in the parking lot. His skin looks like fried bacon. He wears budgie smugglers. The beach is fifty feet away. What, he doesn’t like sand?


Dude trolling on boat. Stops and proceeds to fight a fish for considerable amount of time. Keeps yelling “State record musky!” Ends up netting a snagged carp. Takes trophy pic, but changes his exclamation to “Personal best carp!”


There’s a dead sheephead floating in the water. Coyote walks up beside me, looks over as if to say, “You want that, dude?” then swims out, grabs the fish in his teeth, swims back, and saunters off.


Angry hobo hurling empty liquor bottles into Ala Wai Canal, Honolulu.


Angry hobo ramming shopping cart, repeatedly, into building beside Ala Wai Canal, Honolulu.


Angry hobo passing out at noon under palm tree, Ala Wai Canal, Honolulu.


Small village of Amish people surrounding a pond in Presque Isle State Park. Bobbers and straw hats all around.


Shirtless teenager named Elvis randomly firing rifle into French Creek, then challenging me to wrestling match when he runs out of ammo. I toss him over the bank and am walking away when his arm shoots up, grabs my leg, and pulls me over the edge with him. Total Chuck Norris shit.


Dude on channel pier trying to start fight with dude on boat who’d trolled over his line. “Wanna go? Right now. Let’s go, bitch.” This was a very high pier. How did he think that was gonna work?


Walking through woods and happen upon two men rapidly pulling their pants up. There’s a blanket. Some kind of lotion. Avoid said woods ever since.


Relation of mine ice fishing in bedroom slippers (“forgot my boots”).


Bowhunter wearing Rambo tank-top tells me he’s “looking for a big buck.”


Cormorant on rock, standing there, sound asleep. I wade up to him and go, “Boo!” He freaks the hell out.


Graffito on tunnel: “Crack, I smoke it.”


Guy chasing runaway ice hut on frozen reservoir.


Same guy chasing runaway bucket.


Same guy again chasing his gloves. For like a mile. Don’t think he ever caught on to the whole wind thing.


Hear loud exotic music. Find party of inebriated Indians doing Bollywood dance routine in deserted picnic grove. Disorganized and somewhat clumsy. Very enthusiastic, though.


Fella on bicycle pulls off bike path and goes into stand of Sumac trees. Few minutes later he comes out without a shirt and peddles off. I have to look. Yup, he’s wiped his bum with his shirt.


I should end with that.



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my #1 weird/bizarre/creepy

backpacking along lower Susq.R. (MD/PA Mason-Dixon Trail)

extremely overgrown -- it's like a narrow, low-ceiling tunnel in a wall of green/brown

walk out into a "clearing" that feels like a cave & realize it's dead-quiet -- no nature sounds, whatsoever

wipe off my fogged-up glasses, to see that every "perchable" branch/limb/bush/rock is occupied by a large, extra-creepy vulture -- at least 50 of the bastards, maybe many more

completely surrounding me, some w/in 15-20', barely moving, but ALL looking at me


in retrospect, I believe they were Black Vultures pushing/exceeding their NE range

rather than the occasional lone Turkey Vulture I'd seen from a distance



P.E.T.A. sucks!!!  Plants are living things, too -- they're just easier to catch!

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You know you have a real deal

You know you have a real deal weird story when you don't talk in public about it. Those are the kinds I have unfortunately.

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I've seen some outlandish stuff spraypainted under bridges. Tire gauge crackpipes and skidmarked tighty whities make an occasional appearance as well. I saw a guy dressed in a full tuxedo with some other people on a makeshift Huck Finn raft floating dowinriver. I yelled "A little overdressed, Dontcha think?!" out at him. He laughed and said he just came from a wedding. I saw him again, still wearing the tux about 20 miles downriver a couple days later and yelled it at him again.. haha. Drunk people in big aluminum rental canoes bumping the side with the paddle on every damn stroke shooting off bottle rockets and going right over my lines. One guy had a fricken' trombone, and was playing it terribly. otters on the wisconsin river rolling down a steep bank into the water and then running back up to the top to do it over and over again. Spent shell casings and drops of blood down the sidewalk in New Orleans. 

Dan Morey
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No banjos involved, I hope. 

Deftik: No banjos involved, I hope. 

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Pontoon boat on the Mississippi driving 10 yards from shore in the middle of the night when they pick up my line in their prop.  I then yelled that they had my line and they said sorry about that and proceeded to spool me all the way into my backing because I had 80lb braid and nothing to cut it with....

when I was 16 had an “adult” who wanted to fight me in front of his kids for fishing too close to him at the coon rapids dam (those who are familiar with that place know how many people can be there).

A guy in southern Wisconsin who threw rocks into the river because was mad we were legally fishing the trout stream that’s visible out his back window.  He claimed that there’s plenty other good trout streams in the area and that people fishing his stream is the last thing he wants to see when he looks out his window.  He. Also took a picture of us on his flip phone and said he was going to call authorities.  

Some guys who kept 23 walleyes at the Anoka dam out of season(yes I called, yes they got caught)

A guy who kept biting the heads off of every bullhead he caught also at the Anoka dam

crack pipes, underwear, and bags of weed just to name a few more.

Dr Flathead
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Weird stuff fellas. I got

Weird stuff fellas. I got some for ya too. All sorts of weird stuff seems to happen at the river. Closer to the city the weirder the things get.

A rabbit screaming while it was being eaten in the woods very close to us at 4am. All of the sudden out of nowhere this horrible noise. Faded away too, like you could hear it's life being taken to silence. Sunrise couldn't come fast enough after that.

A rape taking place near the caves by the high bridge in St. Paul. It was quite aways from us but you know how things amplify over water.Went on for a long time, probably 5 minutes. Just terrible screaming. Seemed like an eternity to me. Called the police immediately. The sirens made it tough to hear within minutes. Hope that woman found a way to get away. Still think about that night here and there.

Some of the absolute crazyiest northern lights in downtown St Paul of all places. Best I've ever seen anywhere. Right place right time I guess.

A person on drugs in a t-shirt wandered right up to me at 3am on a very chilly night. Like within 2 feet of me close. Muttering something the whole time. Like under his breath. Then proceeded to wander into the woods directly behind us and bed down. We left almost immediately. 

I had what I believe was a cougar passing thru at the top of the rip rap where I was fishing on the MN river. That very next winter one was filmed on a trail cam feeding on a planted deer carcus just upstream from where I was fishing. The following year it was killed on the bloomington side of the river by police or dnr, can't remember which agency. Again around 3am. The bewitching hour? 

A terribly obese man getting rode by a woman in the lot we parked at for one of our old spots. Again St Paul. During the day this time around. Windows down, broad daylight. Didn't even stop while we unloaded gear. We unloaded very fast and made our way away from that. Quick light lightning.

Seeing Otis (Toad) Smith's face in the clouds. Ya just can't make this stuff up I tell you. Of course we were just talking about him before it was happened. 

Having a terribly drunk woman become our friend to the end on Lake Nokomis. Remember that Mr. Dutchman. Bet you'll never forget that woman, will you? 

Seeing people dancing with torches on the opposite bank in the dead of night. Quietly. And really good. On the Mississippi in St Paul. Land of the weird. Could only imagine what you could see fishing in urban Minneapolis. Never fished there much myself.

As a youth I was attacked by two different land owners on the same lake. Different days. One guy ripped my shirt. We rode our bikes home and called the cops. Didn't have cell phones back them. The other was a lady who lost her footing while trying to grab me and fell face first one into the lake. Now that was funny as hell!

Had a Flathead Catfish poop all over my shirt and pants. Didn't notice it for a while. It was the poop of a 30 pounder and it wasn't pretty. Probably a half hour when by of wondering what the hell was so stinky...

One time on a very skinny section of the cannon river these 3 bumbling idiots launched a boat with a 25 on the back. Never seen a boat that size on this river. We were upstream of this by maybe 50 yards. They launch it in a spot that doesn't even resemble a boat launch. Just having a terrible time getting it in the water. Cursing up a storm and such. Once finally in this guy opens it up downstream maybe 20 yards. Terrible sound as he ground onto the rock bar. Then procedes to turn around and head toward us. Full tilt. Luckily hits another patch of rocks which slows him down. Next splash, our goes the anchor. Like 50 feet from us. We just laughed our asses off at em. They left and trailered up after 5 minutes.

Almost had a great blue herron land in my lap once. I was sitting on the rip rap and I guess it didn't see me. Within inches if getting beat down by that thing.

I love the river. A very cool and errie place.


Jason E.
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Weird stuff!  I"ve got a few

Weird stuff!  I"ve got a few stories, but nothing as weird as some of the previous ones.

While fishing in Hudson one night, my buddy and I witnessed some drunk folk (men and women) go skinny dipping.  That's a pretty well-lit stretch of the St. Croix too.  They jumped right off the wall, into the river.

Got to see some cliff jumpers get arrested at Interstate park once.  My buddy said, "watch, they're gonna get busted."  Sure enough, the park police rolled up and that was that.

Near my house in St. Cloud, my wife and I got to watch a family of great horned owls grow up.  One night, I Iooked up into the dead tree.  I thought I saw a little cat sitting up there.  Then, a HUGE owl flew up and fed it, so I knew it was a baby owl. The next several weeks, I listened to the 2 babies cry at night and get fed.  Finally, one night, when my wife joined me, the two baby owls were hopping around on the ground, learning to fly. It gave me something cool to watch while fishing a regular spot.

This one's a bit complicated, but I'll do my best to keep it short. At a spot north of St. Cloud, I was fishing one night.  It's a pretty creepy, isolated spot. Later, I heard that a guy from the Cities was under suspicion of murdering his ex-girlfriend in that very park. She was missing, and when he drove himself to the police station, he committed suicide in the parkign lot. As if that wasn't iffy enough, the next time I was fishing at the spot, a group of 10 people stopped to talk to me. They were walking through the park, and they showed me a picture of the girlfriend and asked me if I knew anything. Apparently, the guy's cellphone records indicated he had spent time in the park right around when his girlfriend went missing.  Lo and behold, a few months later, some kid found her body in the park, not to far from where I had been fishing the whole time. 

Flukemaster Fanelli

I'm fishing an off the beaten path pond for the first time in the woods of Jersey. I see a tree branch bizarrely shaking in a way that seems very unnatural. It is about 50 yards away directly behind me. I ignore this occurance and move to the other end of the pond which has a wall of 10ft high reeds behind me. I release a small bass and hear sticks snapping in an unnatural way. Deer are pretty quiet I keep reminding myself as the noises get closer. I am unfamiliar with the area so I start walking toward the trail that lead me to the lake when whatever it is gets right behind me on the otherside of the 10ft reeds. I hauled ass up that trail and made a personal declairation to carry my glock to foreign locations. It was most likely a territorial junkie but I didn't want to find out.

Other weirdness... A junkie popped his head out of the window of an abondoned car in the woods about two feet from me...

A guy in a full suit walked up and started fishing next to me and proceeded to catch the biggest bass I have ever witnessed!

A drunk guy in a tree stand with a rifle

Almost got ran over by the same 4x4 off road assholes that throw trash everywhere!

Had my dad catch 17 fluke on a 5" berkely gulp mullet. The only 5" mullet we had. They would not touch the 4" or 6" in the same color. Fishing can be WEIRD!



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Good ole Heron!

Doc! That heron landing was awesome. Had you not scared it it was going to land on you. 

You also got to hear that nasty crash in Stillwater too.

Or the TIme Poor Ben Erb fell down the rip rap but we did not know it was him and we asked if he was ok and kept walking. 

It is all perspective!

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I wasn't going to post this story since I don't have many to share off the top of my head, but it is very similar to yours, though mine is more creepy than outright terrifying.  


I was fishing alone in Northwestern Washington near a bridge in a heavily wooded area known to have a lot of wildlife. I get to the spot, and pretty soon I notice that there are a lot of small animals running through the bushes behind me, all moving away from the road. Before long, flocks of birds begin flying to a really tall cedar tree and start chirping/calling loudly and persistently. A dog on a run about 500 feet behind me starts barking too. A little spooked, I look around to assess my options for escape should an animal come out of the bushes - I am down a short hill and there is no way out except swimming through the water to the other side. I foolishly kept fishing for 10-15 minutes of this (none of the aforementioned activity stopped or slowed down in any way), I decided to risk it and pack up and walk back up the hill. I couldn't get in my car fast enough....what's weird is that a cougar was reported in that area a few days later, but cougars don't generally have that effect on wildlife. I also never heard any crashing/twig snapping, nor was there a storm approaching. Maybe a far-off bear?


One time Tony and I were night fishing a creek mouth which is visible from a well-travelled bridge (about half a mile away), and suddenly someone rolls down their window and screams at the top of his lungs: 

"HEY!!!!!! FISHERMEN!!!!!!! F%$# YOU!!!!!!!!!!"

One time driving home at night on Wisconsin backroads with Tony, someone followed us with his brights on for 10+ minutes. Every time Tony tried to slow down to let him pass, he slowed down with us. There were no opportunities to safely pull off while going 50 mph, so we just had to deal with it. 


Fishing the Mississippi near a halfway house, I was approached and had a bizarre conversation with a man who had skittles tattooed on the palm of his hand. I never thought people actually did that, but here it was (literally) in the flesh. 

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Amia Calva
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I've got a few

My most memorable and pleasant weird encounter was with machete dude, a shirtless, jacked, homeless looking guy with a machete strapped to his back outside the city. There is a conervation area about 10 km outside of the city where people love to go swimming and there was hundreds of people swiming when I arrived so I hiked about a kilometer upstream when I encountered machete dude in the middle of the forest with a small ice fishing rod. I talked to hm about brook trout and if he'd had any luck. I had a long talk with him about how his machete is to deter CO's, hooligan thieves, and bears, and how he walked here from the city (which was very far to walk). Now this guy had some amazing stories, but the best was the little people of the woods. Apparently the two local waterbodies, if you bushwack to a fishing spot you are always suppossed to leae an offering of tobacco (not cigarettes pure tobacco) for the little people of the forest. Anyways, the dude scared the crap out of me when I first ran into him but turned out to be pretty cool even if a bit strange. I have yet to leave an offering of tobacco but I think its a pretty cool legend regardless


I was off to meet up with some coworkers to fish for steelhead when I got a text "don't bother coming Im in the hospital" Found out he'd caught a fish and when he went to land it kneeled down on a rusty syringe that was hidden in the snow. 


Was fishing at night at a boat launch with another roughfisher who was passing through looking for ruffe and cars kept pulling up to the boat launch all throughout the night, staring at us for several minutes before leaving. We are talking pitch black out, they weren't fishing or watching the stars or anything, just staring at us from the parking lot. It was pretty unnerving. We also had a "romance in a car" couple stop by too. 


Had a golden eagle eye me while walking to a pink salmon spot, wicked cool. 


Was carying speakers down by the bank of the canal to help set up some music stuff for my friend when a kid with down syndrome fishing on the stage saw us pulling up. He pulled a goby out of the water, pointed at us and yelled "Sacrifice for the rock gods" and proceeded to stomp on the poor invasive. 


I caught a bag of feces, not sure what species, either human or dog, hope it was dog


I caught a duck decoy, in the middle of winter, fishing the niagara whirlpool. encased in ice after having just made it through class 5 rapids, no idea how far it had travelled to have gotten there. 


Was in my favourite spot fishing for carp when a bunch of kids came down and started smoking meth. They had a friendly dog with them. I didn't stay long, the last thing I wanted was to hook up with a big carp and have them keep coming back to the spot once they knew it had big fish. 


Witnessed a drug deal go down at the docks at night (shocker I know), on my way home (biking) I was solicited by a prostitute at a red light (Hey baby how bout you try riding this) She had like 4 teeth. I politely declined then continued home. Finally, 1 turn away from my house, I hear a screech and a car zipped past me on the left then swerves in front of me and careens into the curb, two wheels over the curb, then swerves in an out of the lane going past me. So In the span of 2 hours I got to witness a drug deal, got solicited by a hooker, and nearly creamed by a drunk driver. It was a great place to live

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