Trout, Brook

<p>Opening this year&#39;s contest is a beautiful Brook Trout!! Same as last year, the Brookie posed for photos after I let him go!!! He hid under a log, so I took the opportunity to hang out with him for a little while before he swam away home...&nbsp;</p>
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DUDE Epic pictures!


Hengelaar's picture

Dude, that fourth pic is FANTASTICULOUS!

Damnnnnnn, I wish I could fish that spot sometime....


Fishn sure is neat

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Nice pictures
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Very cool! Skilled pictures, thanks for posting. 

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Thanks so much everyone! I don't think I'm going to have enough time to make a run at the top this year, so I am going to really concentrate on taking my time to enjoy each catch and get the best photos I possibly can. And Hengelaar, when you come to visit next time we can take you there if conditions are right!!

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