Sunfish, Northern

<p>The shining jewel of sunfish species. These fish are just glorious when you see one with your own eyes, it&#39;s difficult for photos to do them justice... &nbsp;The fifth picture is a different fish caught on the same day with even better coloration than the contest entry!&nbsp;</p>
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What beautiful little fish they are. The near-full red wrap on the last one is great.

I've hit the no-chance-of-not-catching-northern-longear-sunfish spot on that little river numerous times over the last few years and never even seen one. Is that where these are from? (These aren't all the same fish, are they? Or is the red on his flaps that asymmetrical?)


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Shit heatn up at the top of the leader board!

Fishn sure is neat

Gary's picture

Yeah, for such little fish they are mesmerizing to catch. The water they come from is so clear it mimics the trout stream I caught the brookie out of. When I have more time on a sunny day I am going to go down there and try underwater photography there. You arr right, Gunnar, these are two different fish, the one I photographed for the contest and another one that was too pretty for me not to take photos of him.

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Beautiful fishes!

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Thanks Tony, they are one of my favorite fish in the world. Precious little things, in a beautiful little world. I love that I was introduced to tiny circle hooks, they are just the right tool to ensure lip hooked sunfish that can be released unharmed. I remember when I was a kid, using J hooks and not knowing anything about fishing, any small panfish caught would always have it swalllowed all the way down and pretty much sealing its fate. Every one of these little ones swam away to live another day thanks to the hooks I used to catch them.

Do not meddle in the affairs of BAGMAN, for thou art crunchy and good with Old Bay seasoning...