Sunfish, Green

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This is a bluegill.

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Actually it's a hybrid but I put it down as a green because you don't count hybrids here.  This came from Marion Lake, in Otter Tail county, the bluegills, like the one I also entered here are much darker from Marion, but no biggie I will go catch some more new ones, still in the lead and Fishing Boy's Ruffe doesn't count so............Fish On!!! Thanks Andy.

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I don't see anything in this fish that says its a green hybrid. What do you see as indicators of this?

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Straight up Bluegill.

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Bluegills generally don't have the bars down the sides, greens have the greener back, hybrids atleast the ones I've seen have bars and greener backs, no yellow on the belly to indicate it's a pumpkinseed, and the bluegills from here come out of much deeper water with out bars.  The only sunfish here according to the DNR are bluegill, green, hybrid, and pumpkinseed, of course with our tax dollars at work who knows whats actually in there..  Look at the bluegill I entered for the tournament then look at the one on his life list, and his moms life list none have the bars, I suppose it could be bluegill/green hybrid.  Unless the bluegill I entered is actually a green and I've been wrong all along on these, I've always just thought of them all as sunfish LOL.  Corey told me originally any hybrids had to be one or another, no saugeye, had to be counted as a walleye or a sauger, splake, etc.  so I put it down as a green.  Regardless it's not a big deal gang, your site, your rules, I appreciate all the info I've gotten from here.  I have a picture of a whole pile of sunfish that we kept along with some walleyes, this is FP's dad by the way,  I hate cleaning sunfish but had to bring some back because I forgot the dang button when we went fishing, thought I had some of each, like I said it's not a big deal he can go catch some more, there is one thing we have a lot of up here it's sunfish!! 8)

Could you guys look at his golden RH though, I got some really good pics of the lips, but couldn't tell if it was a golden or a silver, he hasn't caught either until now, so one way or another it's a new fish for him.  Thanks guys.

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Everyone's feedback is saying Silver RH, so I changed it, it's really hard to tell, even with the chart, trying to get a pic that's not blurry, not hurt the fish, and get the right shot, LOL  Glad you guys know what your looking for, much appreciated it.  8)

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Here is a photo of a typical green sunfish.  Big mouth, dark coloration, and orange or white edges to the fins.  Click on the photo to view the green sunfish species page for more information.

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Yeah not trying to jump all over a child's picture but that's as bluegilly as you get 

Your momma fishes for lifers with Eagle Claws.
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Right, I stand corrected, the juvenile bluegills have the bars, before they lose them and turn dark like the bigger ones we chucked back that day.  We threw a bunch of different ones back  because like I said I hate cleaning sunfish, especially small ones!!  Thanks guys, he will return with a text book green for photo op LOL  Fish on!!  8)