Sucker, Northern Hog

If I'm gonna lose this year, I'm going down swinging!! Catching this little guy was hilarious. I sight fished a school of them and they all kept me waiting, and waiting... AND WAITING... as they swarmed around my bait for what seemed like eternity... Finally this little guy had some empathy for me and decided to get his photo taken :)

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roughfish29's picture

Oh man, these next few days are gonna be intense

Hengelaar's picture

That rock looks familiar...

Fishn sure is neat

D.T.'s picture

Out of all the contest entries your photos are the best. Nicely done dude.

Gary's picture

@ 29: tell me about it, even if I hadn't lost 4 fish that all would have counted, I would still be in serious trouble. TonyS is an amazing angler, as are so many others that are right in this thing right to the end!

@Hengelaar: right you are, good sir! It's one I'm becoming increasingly familiar with too... what an amazing spot that is, and you and Josh and I should go visit it when you are here!

@ D.T.: Thanks so much, that really means a lot to me. I've been trying really hard to get the best photos I can of every fish I catch just because they are all so marvelous, each in their own way. It's a challenge to get the photos correct in the short amount of time I have in order to get them back into the water fast enough, but so far it's worked out well this month. Thanks again :-)

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