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What are everyone's thoughts on counting subspecies on your life lists? My predicament is I've caught both Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and Landlocked Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar sebago) and I'm unsure if I should count them separately or just as one species.
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I don't think the landlocked

I don't think the landlocked versus Salt should count as different species because it's the same species just different ranges.  I don't get why sockeye and kokanee are the same species though.  They are genetically distinct and they don't interbred in the same water body (landlocked sockeye don't breed with kokanee).  


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They are the same species. There is a designated place when adding a life list entry to add pictures of subspecies, hybrids or extra pictures. I will say that you may want to keep track of them in case they get upgraded to full species in the future (I mean for subspecies in general as I don't know of any movement for Sebago to be upgraded), or if you just find them interesting on their own merit, though by definition they are not different species

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Like Fishnerd said, this

Like Fishnerd said, this website uses species level distinction on lifelists and additional images can be added within a species.  For your own personal interest though, do as you like.  I try and keep track of known sub species as they sometimes get split out and even if they don't some are just interesting 

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I'm of the same mind as TonyS

I'm of the same mind as TonyS.  I keep track of subspecies, especially since they may eventually get split.  Chances are pretty good that the bluehead chub will be split into 5 species in the next few years and I have at least two of them, so there's that.  Plus they're just cool.




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