Sturgeon, Lake

<p>LIFER!!!!!</p> <p>Hit a full crawler on bottom. 32&quot; and wow what a fight!!!!!&nbsp;</p>
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Big congrats on your first sturgeon Gary! Woooohoooo!
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Thanks guys, it means a lot to me!! I've been trying for a sturgeon for many years, and to catch one by myself out of a river was quite a thrill. He jumped completely out of the water and made four runs on me each time he was right at shore. It was very tough keeping him from making the run over the rapids which would have resulted in losing him for sure... I'm actually glad he wasn't bigger or I might not have been able to handle him safely by myself after I got him on shore, he still had a lot of energy and cut me three times with his armor plates... the hook was in his lower lip and it came out easily, and he swam away well after the release so I would say it was a very successful encounter. Next challenge is to get one twice this size with Josh along to film it!

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