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Species Requests
Corey granted me access to the add species requests so they have now all been filled. Requested species can now be added to your lifelist.
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Amazing, thank you!! Now to

Amazing, thank you!! Now to get to work uploading the new catches :) I'll have some more requests coming your way when I have some time to get into Asian catches!

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Nice job!

Really great that you can help us out, thank you!

Peeling Line
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That's Great!  I thought this

That's Great!  I thought this site was dead since everyone just posts on Facebook and the front page hadn't been updated since last summer.

Peeling Line
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Will the new bowfin species

Will the new bowfin species be added?

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Re: Bowfin Split

Good question. It's one that I've been anticipating but not one that I have a yes or no answer for. I could see it being added eventually but the first question is "Can the two species be reliably visually distinguished without location?"  

2017: Total species (44), New (12)
2018: Total (94), New (50)
2019: Total (116), New (49)
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2021: Total (72), New (11)
2022: Total (151), New (59)
2023: Total (134), New (48)
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