Southern Indiana Summer Report

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Southern Indiana Summer Report

The dog days of summer are finally here, and if you can get past the brutal heat and humidity the fishing has been phenomenal. I turn my attention to mostly rivers and creeks in the summer since they are finally starting to settle into their pool levels. The gar fishing has really started to pick up, in everything from the backwater creeks to the main stem Ohio River. I even had the pleasure to see an Alligator Gar in one of these backwater creeks (an incredibly rare fish for my area). Otherwise the 3 other species of gar you’d expect here are readily biting. There are a lot of small gar right now, but the odd large one bites if you can weed through the small ones.

The Skipjack Herring are finally starting to move away from the dams in decent numbers, in the early morning and evening you can see schools of them chasing minnows in the current seams of the Ohio River. They can be easily caught on a sabiki rig, or if you want more of a challenge on a fly rod.

The different rivers and creeks are also starting to become the perfect levels to start targeting carp and buffalo again. Right now it is just the odd one here and there, but I haven’t started chumming any areas yet so the fish have just been on worms.

The Bowfin are in great numbers in all of the backwater, they can be easily caught on small pieces of cut bait. Or lately they have been so densely packed that I’ve been able to catch them on a fly rod fairly easily.

Other lesser known species are starting to congregate in denser numbers, such as Flier and Redspotted Sunfish. Once you find their preferred habitat they tend to be in great numbers.

The normal bass, crappie, sunfish, catfish and drum are still easily catchable, but not nearly as exciting as the other species that can be targeted right now.

Jason E.
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Nice!  Excellent variety!

Nice!  Excellent variety!

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Great fish

And great photos, too. Nice catches.

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Levitating Flier

It looks very precariously perched on your fingers - I don't know how you pulled it off!

Always refreshing to see stuff from you. You really know your area, and catch a lot of awesome stuff.

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Quillback (Check)
10#+ Flathead Catfish
5 New Standard Species (Current Count: 3)

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Awesome report! 

Awesome report! 

Now I wanna go fish your area...




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Gol darn it those are some cool fish.

Nice report man. Always nice to see new species from new areas.

All fish are beautiful.

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Southern Indiana Report

Nice bunch of fish. I really like the flier picture, too.


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Great fish

Great photos, great fish. I will be in Ft. Wayne, IN for a conference next June, looks like I should add some time to do some exploring. There are a number of lifers for me in your photos, and it would be a new state to fish.

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Neat stuff!!

Man your reports just get better and better, Love seeing all your rad catches from 'the cross roads of america'

What patterns do you prefer when you target bowfin with your fly rod? 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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Awesome man, I love seeing

Awesome man, I love seeing your stuff!

Fantastic Longsnout, and I'm jealous of the Skipjack and Flier...

Fishn sure is neat

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Thank you!

Thanks everyone! I'd be happy to share any of my spots if any of you end up traveling to the southern parts of Indiana. We may not have good sucker fishing in my area, but we do our best to make up for it with some other species

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Goldenfishberg the pattern I

Goldenfishberg the pattern I usually use for bowfin on my fly rod is to target weed lines with streamers. I weight them heavily and basically drag it along the bottom. It is oddly effective in the creek I fish, I rarely have any by-catch of bass which has always surprised me. You can see the type of streamers I've been using in the image below

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Thats pretty damn cool! Really nice natural pattern on those streamers, I may have to copy your pattern and try these out in MN! Thanks for the pic and the teqnique man much apprecited. 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

Carp Chaser
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Such cool fish! Jealous of

Such cool fish! Jealous of the grass carp! Only tried for them a few times but I know they're one tough species.

"There's always a bigger fish"