Salmon, Coho Fishaholicsanonymous89

Salmon, Coho
Date Caught: 
Sunday, March 4, 2018


FP4LifesDad's picture

That's awesome, we've tried casting for them several times now.  Congrats on a super nice fish!

Fishaholicsanonymous89's picture

Thank you! It definitely took a lot of work, my back and arms hurt just thinking about many hours I spent casting haha totally worth it though.

Moose439's picture

I like how you can see the sheet of ice behind you. Nice work, that was tough fishing and you powered through.

Fishaholicsanonymous89's picture

Ice sheet aka spoon stealer lol thanks for landing it! Bring a net just to leave it in the car haha classic.

Graceclaw's picture

I've found that Coho really don't like having scales. I've never had so many tiny scales on everything as when I caught them back home! Grats on the ICY SALMON!