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Casey Shanaberger
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Rough Weather

Since I had to vacate my fishing spot this afternoon due to a tornado barreling towards me, I figured I would start a thread of all the crazy weather that us roughfishermen have seen while out fishing. I'll start with today's twister:


Not the best lighting, but look to the left of the handicap sign. I got out of the path of the storm before snapping any pics.

Next, we have the twister I dodged last weekend.

Yikes. Two tornadoes in under a week isn't very good.

Now we go to my Florida trip earlier this summer where our guide (oops I fished with a guide) skillfully guided us around a dangerous storm.

I really have a knack for almost getting caught by storms.

This was the last night of the contest and arguably the reason why I didn't hit 20 species.

A batch of storms dropped about 10" rain on me in under 3 hours. There was about 3 feet of water in my street. I was not able to leave my house that night. Could've hit 20 but we'll never know.

The other ones really don't have any stories other than me putting myself in these sitations because I love thunderstorms.



Feel free to share what storms you guys have been in!

Jason E.
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Dude!  Holy smokes, those are

Dude!  Holy smokes, those are some sweet pics of storms.  I don't have any stories that are nearly as good.  One time, my buddy and I drove from Milwaukee to the Rock River.  The meteorologists said a 30% chance of storms.  Of course, we hit torrential rain, lightning, and hail on our way west. When we got to our spot, under a bridge, we decided to fish, since heading back east would only mean going back through the same storms.  We saw lightning all night long, but caught carp, catfish, and a few other species.  I've fished under a bridge when it snowed, rained, hailed, etc., but never saw any tornadoes!