Redhorse, Shorthead

<p>A fitting fish to end this year&#39;s contest for me. I struggled all month to find redhorse of any variety, targeting them too late in the month after the rivers got blown out. I really, REALLY wanted at least ONE redhorse this year and the river gods blessed me in my final hour of competition, of which I am thankful. I did not get get to 30 species this year or even best my previous high of 26, but overall I think this is my best performance ever in a contest because I did a majority of it on my own this time. Many thanks to JKnuth for helping me become a much better angler, and thanks him, to Andy and Hengelaar for the great memories made in the short time we had together this month.</p> <p>This June will live in my memories forever... and makes me look forward to next year when I&#39;m going to be even better!</p> <p>Congrats on your win in our personal rivalry this year, Andy - savor it while you can, for next year I WILL BE BACK with a vengeance!!!&nbsp;</p>
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Kudos Gary! Great race this year, made better by the fact I actually got to fish with you.