Redhorse, River

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That is a tankywank, man!

Holy crapsicle!

(those rocks look familiar)

Fishn sure is neat

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That's a tank duder. Nice fish! Was she sight fished? 

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Yeah the rocks look familiar... as do the enormous mass of Poison Ivy vines on the walk down to the river (much bigger than previous years).


This might be PB - I'm terrible about measuring fish.  A good bit bigger than average though.  Damn near broke me folding net when he got in the bag, still a little green...  I was thankful for that net though, fishes can get beat to hell hand landing on those boulders


Strangely, I've NEVER sight fished a River.  Ever.  At least not successfully.  All mine are blind bottom fishing.  


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I hesitate to ask...


But how was that river looking there? Blown out, like the rest of everything? But apparently not too blown out to catch something... Then again, it is the Mighty Tony doing the catching..


Cos I sure would like to visit that area again next month.... With my new folding net. Be a nice test for it.

Bring on some drought!

Fishn sure is neat

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It is maybe a touch high but really not bad.  Not sure if it was sight fishable (the skies were very cloudy but the water seemed pretty normal).  But yeah it is very fishable.  In much better shape than any other river I've fished pretty much all month

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Dude... wow.

Way to freaking go, that fish is just awesome... what a brute! And those COLORS! That has got to be the most gorgeous red tail I've ever seen on a redhorse!

Do not meddle in the affairs of BAGMAN, for thou art crunchy and good with Old Bay seasoning...


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That's something then, I spose...

Man, what a clonker. Just a fantastic fish. You got me all fired up with that one, man...

Fishn sure is neat